Wednesday, June 15, 2016

On the Internet: "10 Reasons Attenders Are Not Joining Your Church" and More

10 Reasons Attenders Are Not Joining Your Church

Maybe you know these people. They’ve been attending your church for some time – certainly long enough now to have decided whether to join officially. They haven’t joined, though, and nothing suggests they’re even close. Here are 10 reasons I’ve heard from long-term “attending non-joiners” for not affiliating officially with your church. Read More

The 4 Phases of Protestant Fundamentalism in America

American fundamentalism is neither static nor monolithic. While a certain amount of continuity exists between the phases, the movement was actually characterized by gradual, but constant change. Read More

5 Ways to Avoid Church Planting Frustration

Those who go into church planting without understanding the necessary commitment level almost always fail. Read More

Christian, Do You Love God’s Law?

In Scripture, the person who understands grace loves law. Read More

3 Reasons Leaders Are Made, Not Born

Some believe leadership is primarily about nature, and others primarily about nurture. While I also hedge and say both when asked the question, if I am pressed to choose between the two, I believe leaders are made and not born. Here are three reasons leaders are made and not born. Read More

7 Simple Leadership Tips Which Could Help Every Pastor and Leader

I have a heart for leaders. Especially church leaders. I’d love to help others learn from my mistakes. In fact, this is a huge motivation for this blog and a lot of my ministry. Read More

Lead Through Prayer

From Paul’s prayer, we learn how to lead through prayer. Read More

How Important is Prayer to You?

Prayer is often the last action people take. Should not prayer be the first choice we make? Why should it take a bad diagnosis, a major business loss, or a big problem to move prayer up in our daily action plan? Read More

Why Knowing Your Flock Is Critical for Meaningful Preaching

The ministry of preaching cannot be divorced from the ministry of soul care; in fact, preaching is actually an extension of soul care. Read More

An Asterisk to My Sermon

If you speak often enough, you will eventually say something best left unsaid. Pastors are not immune to this principle. Read More

The Dangerous Divide Between Theology and Practicality

An unnecessary divide between theology and methodology is unwise. Read More

Pan-Orthodox Council: 1,000 scholars urge Churches to go ahead

More than 1,000 Orthodox scholars have urged the primates of the Orthodox Churches to continue with the Pan-Orthodox Council in Crete. Read More

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