Thursday, June 23, 2016

On the Net: "3 Church Methods That Need to Change" and More

3 Church Methods That Need to Change

Here are three methodological shifts churches should consider to more effectively make disciples. Read More

5 Wrong Motives for Church Growth

Not everyone wants their church to grow for noble reasons. How do you know where you stand? Here are 5 false motives to watch for. Read More

5 Ways Insecurity Damages the Team

Insecurity can plague leaders because leaders are constantly evaluated and continually carry the burden of responsibilities. While it is natural for leaders to struggle with insecurity, leaders who live in insecurity bring great damage to the people they are supposed to be serving. While there are varying degrees of damage, insecurity leaves a wake of pain in its path. Read More

The ABCs of Empowerment

Delegation and empowerment are easier to write about than they are to actually implement. For anyone who has ever tried it, you have also learned that there needs to be a few rules to help guide the person who’s been empowered. It’s not uncommon for the new leader to quickly use their new power to set off in unintended directions. We need to not only give them power, but also some guiding principles. Read More

3 Inexpensive Ways to Develop as a Leader

How can a pastor develop as a leader inexpensively – maybe even free? Read More

The Reason Many Leaders Lose

If there is a leadership vacuum, someone will fill it. Read More

Five Headaches a Pastor Experiences When a Search Committee Fails to Communicate

Please read this article carefully if you are a member of a search committee or a part of a church that is seeking a pastor. Read More

10 Steps to Deal with Anger

I grew up in a home where my father was prone to fits of anger. They typically didn’t last long, but they were loud and frightening while they were occurring. If you or someone you know has that same tendency, think about these ways to fight it.... Read More
One of the biblical qualifications for ordained ministry is being self-controlled (1 Timothy 3.2).
Does Your Preaching Have Calories?

A few friends recently suggested I read Quack This Way: David Foster Wallace and Bryan A. Garner Talk Language and Writing, and I found it surprisingly prophetic to common habits and assumptions of modern preaching. Read More

8 Reasons to Use Bible Reading Accountability Emails

Here’s why I encourage you to consider sending simple accountability emails as well.... Read More

Six Technologies That Can Help Your Church Connect More Effectively

Here are six technologies that can help your church as it fulfills its mission of reaching, evangelizing, assimilating, and discipling those in your community. Read More

Life-Change Stories: 6 Ways to Tell Them

Nothing breaks down silos like celebrating stories of life-change in your church Read More

Must I Join a Church to be a Christian?

One’s attitude toward Christ’s church functions like a spiritual X-ray machine, exposing the condition of the heart. Read More

First-Time Visitor Gifts: 4 Things That Should Be Included

A gift bag, if done well, can play a major part in a person’s decision to visit your church again. Read More

What the Tower of Babel Can Teach Us about Our Desire for True Gospel Witness

Foundational to following Jesus is that we live by faith and not fear! Read More

Sharing your faith: 10 Bible verses on how to evangelise well

In a society where evangelism is often portrayed as an attempt to manipulate someone into believing in God, it can be a challenge to talk to others about our faith. Yet evangelism is integral to our walk as Christians – Jesus commissioned each one of us to share the good news. And it is good news. The Bible gives wisdom on how to share the gospel "with gentleness and respect", often through action rather than just words, and always with love. Read More

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