Monday, June 27, 2016

On the Net: "7 Times the Speed of Change Can Be Faster than Normal" and Much More

7 Times the Speed of Change Can Be Faster than Normal

There are unique opportunities where change can be introduced and implemented quicker than other times. Read More

5 Surprising Reasons People Leave Your Church

Why do people leave even when you’re making progress at your church? Simple. The people who are at your church today are there because they like it the way it is. Change that (even for the better), and some will leave. Read More

How to Handle Difficult People

Mike Ayers shares what he has learned in 20 odd years of pastoring. Read More

Episode 76: Finding the Right Sized Launch Team

How many people does it really take to launch a new church? Listen Now

The Most Unexpected Source of Pain in Our Church Planting Journey

Put simply, it’s the hurtful words and dismissive postures I’ve felt from other pastors and ministry leaders.... Read More

Episode 75: Leading Your Church Plant on the Road To Multiplication

Begin setting your sights on moving your church plant toward multiplication. Listen Now
A new church plant that does not reproduce within the first five years of its own launch is not likely to reproduce in its entire lifetime.
What to Expect When You’re Expecting (a Church)

Birthing a new church is not without pain. Read More

The Calvinist’s Ultimate Concern

Calvinists are people whose theology is dominated by the idea of God. Read More


Perhaps you’ve heard of the acronym “FAT” when recruiting volunteers. When you are looking to build your team, start by asking who is.... Read More

Stop Trying to Graduate from Leadership Basics

When leaders attempt to graduate from the basics there are at least three negative implications.... Read More

Eight Time Drainers of Pastors and Staff (and Eight Solutions)

Let’s look at some of the greatest time drainers of pastors and staff, with suggestions about improving each of them. Read More

How to Preach For Seekers Without Dumbing Down the Message

Preaching should be both theologically deep—and wide. Read More

When Did Churches Start Celebrating the Fourth of July?

As we approach the Fourth of July, many pastors in America struggle with whether and how to acknowledge America’s independence, without blending Christian worship and civil religion together. Especially during times of war, churches have historically embraced patriotism in America. But sometimes that combination has given the impression that our commitment to nation is the same as our commitment to Christ. Read More

Your Youth Pastor Should Totally Be a Millionaire by Now

Discipling adolescents isn't all Ping-Pong and Pixy Stix, you know. Read More

10 Ways We Balk at God's Blessings

We love His blessings at first, but sometimes we don’t like them later.... Read More

What Does Jesus Have to Do with Jihad?

Did you know Jesus is prominent in Islamic eschatology? Read More

Christians buried nearly 1,400 years after they died

Some of Britain's earliest Christian converts have been buried in a church, nearly 1,400 years after they died. Read More

How the Orthodox Church is struggling for post-council unity

The much-trailed Holy and Great Council meeting of the Orthodox Churches – billed as a Pan Orthodox Council but failing to secure the attendance of four of the 14 self-governing Churches – has concluded with resounding affirmations of unity and calls for the protection of Christians in the Middle East. Read More

Orthodox leaders make passionate plea for persecuted Christians in Middle East

World leaders of the Orthodox Church have spoken out in support of Christians and other persecuted minorities in the Middle East. Read More

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