Thursday, June 16, 2016

On the Net: "8 Reasons I Believe in Denominationalism" and More

8 Reasons I Believe in Denominationalism

I’m a Southern Baptist. We’re hardly a perfect denomination, but I’m honored to be part of our team. I realize that my generation in general tends to be more denominationally loyal than younger generations, but I don’t think my age is a primary reason I’m part of a denomination. Instead, here’s why.... Read More

7 Much Healthier Ways To Resolve Conflict at Church (and at Work)

Many churches simply don’t grow because they’re conflicted. Read More

3 Questions for Potential Church Planters

The sending church misses out on the blessing of supporting a new work should they refuse to engage proactively. Read More

7 Suggestions When the Team is Stalled and Struggling for a Win

What you do next – when these seasons come – almost always determines how long they last and how well you recover. Read More

5 Thoughts on Leaders and Insecurity

Just as we have a difficult time recognizing and admitting pride, leaders can struggle to recognize and admit insecurity. Read More

What book shall I preach on next?

10 things to think about. Read More

Five Strategic Ministry Uses for Instagram

When it comes to using Instagram strategically for ministry, you have to post more than pics of food and lattes. Read More

Pan-Orthodox Council: It will go ahead with or without you, theologian tells Churches

The troubled Pan-Orthodox Council is set to begin on Saturday in Crete, but without some key players. First envisaged 55 years ago, it was designed to bring together all of the 14 autocephalous or self-governing Orthodox Churches in the first such gathering since the 8th century. Read More

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