Thursday, June 09, 2016

On the Net: "9 Types of Bi-vocational Ministries" and Much More

9 Types of Bi-vocational Ministries

I have previously written about my affirmation of bi-vocational ministry as a valid option for ministers. Not everyone agrees with me (some think b-vocational work occurs only because a church isn’t willing to pay full time), but I stand by my position. Given that assumption, here are some different options of bi-vocational work I’ve seen. Read More

It's not you, it's me: How the religion of self is pushing God to the margins

What is the Church actually for? Read More

Looking to the Chinese Church for Encouragement

In the United States, many Christians have realized they’re no longer batting for the home team. America isn’t the “Judeo-Christian country” many thought it was. Some of these realizations are lamentable. But if we take a global view, Christianity remains both alive and flourishing, even in the face of exceptional adversity. This gospel growth should give us hope. Read More

Canterbury Cathedral, the Reformation, and the Elbow of Thomas Becket

It’s not every day that the bones of a medieval saint turn up. Precious historical artifacts rarely move or they have been lost forever. But a fragment of the elbow bone of Thomas Becket was transferred from Hungary back to Canterbury Cathedral again on May 27, 2016—after 800 years away. The week was dubbed ‘Becket Week’ by Hungary’s president, János Áder, who accompanied the relic back to England. Since this story may seem strange to modern ears, a few things can be said about the backstory. Read More

ERS: Is there order in the Trinity?

n this post I want to explore the strictly theological question of whether this doctrine inevitably involves a drift into the subordinationist heresy associated with Arius. This is the most common theological objection to the doctrine. In the next post I want to explore a more recent charge: that the doctrine compromises the revelation of God as Trinity in another way, namely through undermining the genuine incarnation of the Son. Read More

Principles and Situations

God’s law is the absolute, objective norm that is to govern the behavior of all people. It’s not a norm hidden from us, but it has been revealed. So, we have the responsibility to know and do what righteousness requires. Read More

4 Traits of Leaders Who Encourage

Encouragement isn’t something that you can just tack on to your daily checklist. It’s a way of life for a leader. Read More

6 Signs You Are an Easily Distracted Leader

Focus is powerful in work, in ministry, and in life. When you focus on one thing, the best of your energy and attention is leveraged in the same direction. With focus, leaders and team can accomplish much. The antithesis of a focused leader is, of course, a distracted one. Unlike a focused leader, a distracted leader moves in a plethora of directions and accomplishes little. Here are six warning signs you may be a distracted leader. Read More

The 7 C’s of Effective Youth Ministry

Courageous youth ministry leaders are willing to take risks to see their students and families move closer to Jesus Christ. Read More

3 Ways to Make the Most of Group Prayer

These formats aren’t mutually exclusive—I’ve been in many prayer meetings that allot time to all three—but each has value as we cast our burdens on the Lord together. Read More

What's Next in Church Technology?

Here are seven technological advances churches should watch for in the future.... Read More

Amplifying Evangelism—Why Preparation for Evangelism Is More Important than Evangelism

As God nurtures us, we are ever ready to share the gospel. Read More

Sharing the gospel in Ramadan

unday was the first day of Ramadan, when devout Muslims observe a strict fast from sunrise to sunset. It is a time of heightened tension for many Muslims, as they cope with hunger and thirst—especially as, at this time of year in the Northern hemisphere, the days are very long. But what is this festival all about, and what should our attitude towards it be? Read More

Can You Name All Ten Commandments? If Not, This (and 18 Other Questions) Could Get You Deported

Take this quiz of Christian trivia faced by converts from Islam seeking asylum in the UK. Read More

Modern pagans: Are the Greek gods on their way back?

It's still a tiny minority, but there is a serious attempt to revive the worship of the old gods in Greece – and sometimes it turns nasty. Read More

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