Friday, June 03, 2016

On the Net: "Five Reasons for Failure When Leading Change" and More

Five Reasons for Failure When Leading Change: Rainer on Leadership #230 [Podcast]

On today’s episode, Thom Rainer and Jonathan Howe cover five areas where change often fails.... Listen Now

Multihousing ministries reach 'spiritual black holes'

If you live (in a multihousing community in Alabama) you are 10 times less likely to go to church than if you lived in a home.... Read More

The Roots of Legalism

If we don’t look to grace, we look to ourselves and to our own efforts. Read More

5 Things That Are More Important Than Talent

Your talents aren’t enough to do what God has asked of you. If they were, then you wouldn’t need God. Read More

Four Warning Signs You May Be Wandering from the Truth

It’s very rare that anyone ever decides to abandon the truth. What happens much more often is that people wander. It happens gradually. It happens when you do not have any particular goal. You lose your moorings and you drift. You don’t want to be that person. So, you need to be alert to the danger. You may know someone who is wandering, and God may use you to bring a wanderer back and help them get rooted in the truth. Read More

Embracing Liturgy in a Digital Age: Tradition and Innovation

As we embrace the liturgical practices of centuries past, I fear we’ll forget we live in the 21st century. When used discerningly, today’s technological innovations can both bolster our discipleship efforts and provide new platforms from which we can proclaim and embody the gospel. Read More

Keith & Kristyn Getty song “For The Cause” dedicated as official Southeastern hymn [Videos; song lyrics]

In their latest album “Facing a Task Unfinished,” Christian music artists Keith and Kristyn Getty, have dedicated their song, “For the Cause” to Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) and President Danny Akin. It will now serve as the official hymn for SEBTS and The College at Southeastern...“Facing a Task Unfinished” is an album focused on congregational singing and missions that was inspired by the original 1931 hymn of the same name—a song that urgently calls Christians to be witnesses around the world. Read More

Prayer Is Joining a Conversation Already in Process

When we hit our knees and approach the throne of grace, we astonishingly find that we are not waiting in a line like it’s some cosmic DMV for our number to be called, but instead are joining the Son and the Spirit who are, at a given moment talking to the Father about and for us. Read More

10 Reasons Every Church Should Send Their Pastor on a Mission Trip

Let me get to the bottom line: I believe every church ought to send their pastor on at least one international missions trip, including paying his way (and his spouse’s way). Here’s why.... Read More

British Christianity isn't dying. It's sleeping. Evangelism can awaken it

Is Christianity in terminal decline? No. Those who say it is always compare its present state to around 1850-1960, when church attendance could almost be called a “normal” or “average” activity. But the history of British Christianity is actually one of peaks and troughs – and understanding how and why it has yo-yoed up and down helps us understand a bit better what we’re witnessing today. Read More

Do we have enough vicars?

Today the Ministry Statistics for 2015 are released (soon to be posted on the C of E stats web page) and they tell us the stark reality of decline in clergy numbers. Read More

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