Thursday, June 30, 2016

On the Net: "Issues in the Future of Evangelicalism" and More

Issues in the Future of Evangelicalism

The future of evangelicalism includes harsh realities for churches. Read More

5 Multisite Ministry Malfunctions

Before you launch a campaign and strategize with your team, take note of these potential multisite malfunctions that our team has witnessed in our work helping churches find their staff members. Read More

The Primary Trait that Leads to Church Growth

Hustle. If you want to see your church grow, you must hustle. This may sound generic to you. “Ok, Jeremy. I need to work hard. Thanks for this stunning advice.” Yes. Hustle. It’s that simple. Read More

4 Lessons the Haystack Prayer Meeting Teaches Us

An often overlooked monument at Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts marks one of the most important events in the history of the world. Read More

Why I Am Not Egalitarian

I've got just two articles remaining in this series I’ve titled “Why I Am Not…” Week by week I am describing why I have rejected some theological positions in favor of others and my purpose is not so much to persuade as it is to explain. There is a story behind every position I hold and each of these articles tells one of those stories. I have already told why I am not atheist, Roman Catholic, liberal, Arminian, paedobaptist, or dispensational. Today I want to tell why I am not egalitarian. Read More

The Trinity debate in 200 words

I’ve been asked by several people to explain the current Trinity debate in a way that someone without seminary training can understand. In other words, no Latin allowed. I want to do that today because I sense a frustration in many people that read blogs but feel left behind. So here is my attempt to simplify the issues (in 200 words!) so that you read the Scriptures with these categories in your mind. Read More

Early Warning Signs of an Unhealthy Staff Member

How can we get out in front and recognize the early warning signs of a good staff member starting to head in the wrong direction? The starting point is to know what to look for. Read More

10 Ways to Have a Reproducing Culture

Reproducing cultures reproduce leaders. Read More

3 Ways to Recover Enthusiasm for Your Current Role

Intuitively we know that if we just bounce from role to role, we won’t really make a long-standing impact. The apostle Paul challenged believers to keep their zeal and enthusiasm (Romans 12:11). Thus, wise leaders continually stir up passion for their current roles. Here are three practical ways to do so.... Read More

9 Hidden Factors That Influence Your Leadership More Than You Think

What hidden factors threaten to make or break you as a leader? Read More

7 Signs of Dangerous Ministry Burnout

Perry Noble on seven warning signs that you’re rapidly approaching ministry burnout. Read More

Preacher’s Toolkit: Should I Learn Hebrew and Greek or Is Bible Software Enough?

Now that we have computer programs like BibleWorks, Logos, and Accordance, why do pastors and Bible teachers need to study the biblical languages? Read More

Blog spotlights 'evergreen' evangelism principles

Southern Baptist pastors looking to equip their churches in evangelism have a new tool to employ. The North American Mission Board has launched a blog to bring attention to "evergreen" principles that are working in some of the most evangelistic Southern Baptist churches in North America. Read More

Women who attend religious services five time less likely to commit suicide, study says

Women who regularly attend religious services are five times less likely to commit suicide in comparison to those who never attend services, researchers have found. Read More

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