Tuesday, June 28, 2016

On the Net: "Priests or Presbyters?" and More

Priests or Presbyters?

Robert Evans is preparing for his ordination - but is he going to be ordained priest, or presbyter? Read More

12 Signs Your Church May Be in Trouble

I realize this post may be discouraging, but it’s necessary. If we don’t recognize warning signs of a struggling church, we sometimes wait too long to try to fix the problem. Be aware of these signs that your church might be in trouble.... Read More

3 Challenges in Urban Ministry

Urban ministry engages depravity, longevity and community. Read More

Matt Chewning on Planting a Church From Scratch…in Boston [Podcast]

Of all the things Boston is known for, being kind to church planters is one NOT of them. But Matt Chewning heard a call, left a career in corporate America and started Netcast Church. Matt shares the ins and outs of how his church has become one of the fastest growing churches in New England. Read More

4 Reasons I Believe “Hire Slowly, Fire Quickly”

If a wrong player is added to the team, the collective culture and effectiveness of the team is harmed. Read More

5 Ways to Hear from People Different from You

When you fail to remember this principle of leadership – people are different – you frustrate those you are trying to lead. You get poor performance from the best leaders on your team and, worst of all, your team fails to live up to its potential. Read More

5 Reasons Why Teenagers Need Theology

As a Jesus-following teenager, I believe studying God’s character is what teenagers need in order to face our terribly complicated world. It’s what will give us lasting hope to face our future with a firm commitment to God’s truth. Read More

Social Media – Enemy or Friend

There is no use complaining about social media. Like wealth, it is here to stay. Like wealth, it is very useful. However, like wealth, there are dangers. Like wealth, social media is a very helpful servant but a dominating and potentially destructive master. Read More

PCA Goes Back to Where It Started: Women’s Ordination

Meanwhile, the shrinking PCUSA makes plans to recover its identity. Read More

The Theology of Donald Trump

Four words that reveal what his followers really believe. Read More

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