Monday, June 20, 2016

On the Net: "What Comes Before the Gospel?" and Much More

What Comes Before the Gospel?

If the gospel is the hope of the world, and if the message is blocked until there is good will, where do we go from here? Read More
What is your church doing to earn a hearing with its ministry target group--the segment of the population that it is seeking to reach and engage?
The Middle Child of American Mission

As the church in America awakens to its call to mission, there is a “middle child” being overlooked. Read More

Curating Your Multisite Library

Having the right tools at hand for church multiplication cannot be overstated. With that in mind, I want to recommend some “must have” tools for multisiters and those who might just be starting the journey. Read More

Episode 74: Portable or Permanent? That is the Question

The pros and cons of choosing between portable church and a permanent facility. Listen Now

Episode 73: Is it Necessary to Have Service on Sundays?

Consider all these factors when deciding whether or not your church is going to meet on Sunday mornings. Listen Now

7 Marks of a False Teacher

No one enriches hell more than false teachers. No one finds greater joy in drawing people away from truth and leading them into error. False teachers have been present in every era of human history, they have always been a plague and have always been in the business of providing counterfeit truth. While their circumstances may change, their methods remain consistent. Read More

7 Things Pastors Should Do Every Monday

Most of the world mourns Monday because it signifies the end of the weekend. Pastors face a different monster on Mondays. Read More

11 Things Too Many Pastors Forget to Do

Pastors are busy folks. We do the work of God, fulfilling our calling while ministering to hurting people. Sometimes, though, we forget to do some basic things that could make our ministries stronger. In fact, many of us who are church leaders forget to do these things. Read More

A Decade Later: My Top 10 Insights On Burnout

Here are 10 ways my burnout changed the way I lead, and 10 insights that can help any leader lead better (whether or not you’ve burnt out). Read More

Five Reasons It Is So Painful for a Pastor to Lose a Church Member

Those who choose to leave a church, no matter the reason, need to understand that your pastor will likely be hurt. Sometimes deeply hurt. Instead of rationalizing all the reasons why a pastor should not be hurt, allow me to let you see inside the mind and heart of a pastor. Read More

Three Ways to Steward Your Own Failure

Failure is a heavy emotional weight, but it can also be a very good teacher. Read More

9 Benefits of Expository Preaching

Expository preaching is an approach that is founded on certain theological beliefs, such as the role of the preacher according to Scripture, the nature of the Scripture, and the work of the Spirit. Therefore, many of the benefits for doing exposition are hard to measure. However, nine practical-theological benefits are worth noting. Read More

6 Ways to Grow in the Gospels

It is possible to lose sight of Jesus in one’s theology, like a person admiring the beautiful colors of a painting but failing to notice the image the colors depict. But to theologize without Christ is to forfeit the foundation of our faith. We become like Peter, who knew his theology but took his eyes off Jesus and began to sink (Matt. 14:30). We must fix our eyes on Jesus (Heb. 12:2). One of the best ways to do so is to spend time in the Gospels. Read More

Pan-Orthodox Council: Historic summit goes ahead despite Russian withdrawal

A troubled meeting of Orthodox Christian Churches opened in Crete on Sunday, despite the withdrawal of four key Churches which threatened to undermine the historic summit. Read More

'Gospel of Jesus' wife' was probably forged, academic who discovered it concedes

An ancient Coptic papyrus fragment which referred to Jesus' "wife" is almost certainly fake, the Harvard professor who discovered it has admitted. Read More

Donald Trump's horrifying gullibility, as revealed in his energy speech

Donald Trump's speech this week at a petroleum conference in North Dakota showcased the energy policies we can expect from a Trump administration. But more importantly, it revealed a great deal about how Trump will develop and manage policy. Pretty much everything it revealed was terrifying. Trump reads his speech and discovers what his policies are! Read More

Legal experts on Donald Trump: 'He lacks respect for basic norms'

From bringing back waterboarding to temporarily banning Muslims, legal professionals says Donald Trump ‘pays no attention to the law’. Read More

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