Friday, June 17, 2016

On the Net: "When You’ve Lost Your Passion For Ministry" and More

When You’ve Lost Your Passion For Ministry

When that time comes—when you feel the passion fading—here are a few things to keep in mind.... Read More

5 Lessons From an Unlikely Church Planter

God doesn’t call the equipped. He equips the called. Read More

3 Misunderstandings of What It Means to Repent

Michael Kelley explores three common misunderstandings about the meaning of repentance. Read More

The 7 Most Common Church Staffing Mistakes

Making a bad hire is often worse than making no hire at all. Read More

Hitting the Wall: 3 Indicators That Your Personal Battery is Drained

It’s the image of the red bar on our smart phones and indicates when we are close to losing power. That red bar is our phone’s way of telling us that unless we recharge soon, we will be completely out of power. As leaders, God has wired us up with a similar “red bar”—a series of indicators that serve to warn us of an impending loss of power if we don’t recharge soon. These are some of the most common red bar indicators Read More

How to Break Your Addiction to Work

How do you break the cycle of working long hours at the office and constantly checking email at home? How do you persuade those around you — similarly work-obsessed colleagues or a demanding boss — that working all the time isn’t healthy? How can you reset the expectations of your manager and coworkers? Read More

Good Parents Connect, Not Just Correct

With the sheer quantity of time and energy it takes simply to react to our children’s needs, and to their growing manifestations of sin, it’s all too easy to focus only on discipline and punishment, and neglect the proactive and visionary calling of parenting. Read More

4 Ways to Reach a Child’s Heart

A godly father plants good things in the hearts of his children. Read More

7 Ways to Care for Your Missionaries When They Are on “Furlough”

In our years of sending missionaries through Serge, we’ve rejoiced as we’ve observed the irreplaceable role of the missionary’s sending church. Both sending and supporting churches love their missionaries. Many of them do a great job of caring for those they send. We’re often asked, “What can we do to really go above and beyond in loving our missionaries?” Below are some valuable practices we’ve recognized in caring for missionaries as they return home from international service for a time of rest and reconnection—often called furlough or home mission assignment.... Read More

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