Wednesday, June 08, 2016

On the Net:"How to Discern God’s Vision For Your Church" and More

How to Discern God’s Vision For Your Church

One of the questions I’m asked most often is “How do I get God’s vision or dream for our church?” Frankly, a lot of pastors’ visions that I’ve heard have more to do with ego than God’s will. I’d recommend you answer these questions.... Read More

3 Basic Principles of Effective Leadership

When it comes to leadership, perhaps the most often used passage in the Bible is Exodus, chapter 18. Read More

10 Reasons I Abstain from Alcohol Use

I know the issue of alcohol use is controversial. Jesus did turn the water into wine (John 2), and Paul did tell Timothy to use some wine for his stomach’s sake (1 Tim 5). No clear prohibition against alcohol use in moderation is evident in the Scriptures. Thus, I have no qualms with my brothers and sisters who choose to drink appropriately and would differ from my conclusions here. Nevertheless, I have chosen to abstain from the use of alcohol. Here are some reasons why... Read More

Seeker Comprehensible Preaching...Without Dumbing Down

Preaching should be both theologically deep—and wide. Read More

How to Make Your Sermon Stick Past Sunday

The good news: You already have most of the tools you need to make your sermon stick while pointing people to Jesus. Read More

Why worship music shouldn't be relentlessly positive

I've always struggled with modern Christian hymnody. Some of it's great, I know; solidly biblical and the tunes are often lovely. But then much of it is disposable. It's lift music, with no originality about the choice of language, no depth of thought and no real spirituality. It's not about God, it's about us – feelgood pap that would work as a pop song with just a few words altered. Read More

Seven Things Google Tell Us about Evangelism in the United States

Please look at it carefully. It is a chart of Google searches on the term “evangelism” in the United States from 2004 to the present... It is a simple chart, but it speaks volumes. Here are seven lessons I gleaned from it. Read More

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