Saturday, June 18, 2016

Saturday Lagniappe: "The Five Most Important Church Growth Principles" and More

The Five Most Important Church Growth Principles

These outreach principles work. They should be applied not in order to grow a big church, but in order to reach God’s dearly loved children, and bring them into the caring fellowship of the body of Christ. Read More

The Role of Personality in Church Conflicts

Christian leadership is more than influence but it is never less than influence. The personality of the pastor necessarily influences those he shepherds. Read More

Regeneration: The Most Significant Beginning

Regeneration is the first step in the total experience of redemption that God takes us through. Read More

Gender and the Trinity: From Proxy War to Civil War

An explainer: the latest complementarian debate isn't over women’s subordination—but Christ's. Read More

God Permits Evil, But Does Not Cause It

Should we say that God wills, or ordains, or permits, or allows evil? Read More

5 Ways a Leader Can Kill Their Team’s Creativity

Be a leader that catalyzes creativity and innovation. Read More

Who Pastors the Pastor?

Here are five ways pastors and churches can work together to care for the pastor.... Read More

15 Productivity Tips for Pastors

Productivity matters for pastors. You will never be able to do everything, but the Bible encourages us to be wise and make the most of our time. Read More
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3 Suggestions for When God Tries to Speak to You

Has God been trying to get your attention lately? Is God trying to tell you something? Are you having a hard time hearing? Read More

5 Super Effective Ways to Give Advice

Keep these things in mind when you want to be someone's mentor. Read More

A Year of Mercy for Catholics

Having recently read Pope Francis' book, The Name of God Is Mercy, Mark Gilbert shres a few thoughts on how to engage with Catholics who will be thinking about mercy more this year. Read More

Orthodox Will Hold Humbled Yet Historic Council in Crete

Patriarchs disagree over how many disputes—out of centuries' worth—to tackle in 10 days. Read More

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