Saturday, June 11, 2016

Saturday Lagniappe: "More Church Planting—Not Less—Is Needed" and More

More Church Planting—Not Less—Is Needed

Here are 5 realities for more effective church planting efforts. Read More

7 Reasons Mid-Size Churches Get Stuck

These factors might apply to any size church, but mid-size ones struggle with them the most. Read More

The Danger of Envying Another Church

What are the dangers of church envy? Read More

How Can I Prevent My Christian Growth from Becoming Stagnant?

There’s only one absolute way I know of to keep your Christian growth from becoming stagnant, and that is to die. The only time Christian growth stops altogether is at death. Read More

10 Pointers for Preaching a Touchy Issue

Sometimes we have to preach something that is potentially controversial or that may not go down too well. Here are ten pointers to help when that is necessary. Read More
Other than #10, #2 might be the most important. These are also important when preaching non-touchy issues.
Is Your Church an Evangelizing Church?

Chuck Lawless offers ten questions you can use in evaluating your church's approach to evangelism. Read More

6 Ways to Strengthen Evangelism in Your Church

The call to follow Jesus includes a call to tell others about Him. All of us heard the gospel from somebody, and we need to give that same gift to others. Most churches, though, struggle with this task. Here are some simple ways to strengthen evangelism in your congregation.... Read More

8 Reasons I Struggle Doing Evangelism

What are the obstacles to doing evangelism you face? Read More

10 Ways to "Jump Start" Your Personal Evangelism

Chuck Lawless shares some steps he's taking to move in the right direction. Read More

A Simple Strategy to Pray for Non-Believers

Chuck Lawless outlines a strategy for praying for non-believers. Read More

Amid ‘Evangelism Crisis,’ Southern Baptists Bring In $400 Million More

While the No. 1 evangelical denomination reports the highs and lows of 2015, America's No. 3 reports just highs. Read More
Increased giving can be one of the marks of a declining church or denomination
Reflections of the stats guy

As I look back over my years of tracking SBC statistics, a few things are worth saying on the way out. Read More

Same-sex marriage: Gafcon offers alternative oversight to Scottish Episcopalians

Bishops of the Global Anglican Future Conference (Gafcon) are prepared to provide episcopal oversight for Scottish Episcopalians who believe that this morning’s vote by the Church’s General Synod in favour of same-sex marriage is unbiblical. Read More

First They Change the Definition, and Then They Claim the Right

The sleight of hand is to change the terms of a right and then claim it or reapply it in a way that has never been thought of before. Like any trick, sometimes it’s easy to miss what happened. Christians sometimes don’t know how to respond because they missed the substitution. Read More

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