Saturday, July 30, 2016

2016 Presidential Election: Trump attacks Colorado Springs hero; may skip the presidential debates - FURTHER UPDATES

New: Trump’s burn of the Colorado Springs fire dept. came right after they rescued him

Since Trump's campaign began, a series of fire officials across the country have become his unwitting nemeses, as Trump publicly grumbles about their enforcement of the capacity restrictions at some of his rally venues. Read More

New: Which side of the law is Trump on

Trump’s proclamation of law and order should not go unexamined. After all, anyone who is not an anarchist favors both law and order. So what, exactly, is wrong with “law and order”? To answer that question, we can usefully distinguish between the idiomatic use of “law and order” and the cherished value of the rule of law. Read More

New: NFL Denies It Sent Letter to Trump Over Debate Schedule

It's the second time this week that Trump has made claims that were either directly or indirectly contradicted by those he said were involved. Read More

New: NFL denies contacting Donald Trump about schedule clash with debates

Trump also says the league complained to him about the debate schedule in a letter.

A spokesman for the NFL, however, said the league did not send a letter to the billionaire businessman. Read More

New: Donald Trump and RNC attack presidential debate schedule

Donald Trump says the fall debate schedule is "unacceptable," raising the specter that he may try to skip them. Read More

New: Trump accuses Clinton of rigging debate schedule

Donald Trump late Friday accused Hillary Clinton of intentionally stacking debates against primetime programming to “rig” the election process, despite the fact that the schedule has been set since last September. Read More

New: Does Donald Trump fear debating Hillary Clinton?

Trump is protesting the debates despite the bi-partisan committee.

It looks like Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump wants no part of debating his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. Read More

New: British Newspaper Reports Tangled Web of Connections Linking Trump, Putin

GOP nominee Donald Trump has continued to strongly deny any connections with Russia or its leader, President Vladimir Putin, but The Guardian, a major British newspaper, on Saturday raised questions about an increasingly tangled web of connections he and key players in his campaign, namely chairman Paul Manafort, have had over the years with the country. Read More

Donald Trump and Russia: a web that grows more tangled all the time

Frank Mermoud, a key figure at the recent Republican convention, has strong business ties with Ukraine, to which others in Trump’s orbit have been linked as questions grow over the candidate’s interests in Russia and view of its president. Read More

New: Trump's Russia Reset Ideas Alarming Allies, Many in US

Donald Trump's flurry of offhand remarks and abrupt zingers on Russia — praising Vladimir Putin, dismissing NATO — have jolted the world, not to mention the U.S. presidential campaign.

With Russia's behavior rattling nerves in the U.S. and elsewhere, Trump is accused of cozying up to a "dictator." Of threatening the very underpinnings of America's relationship with Europe. And of naiveté. Read More

New: The Trumping of US foreign policy

The United States’ presidential campaign, already long and tumultuous, will no doubt become even more so in the coming months, as the two parties’ nominees, now officially selected, face off ahead of November’s election. But voters will have a clear choice before them, especially with regard to foreign policy. Read More

New: Trump the traitor

If Donald Trump were to become president, the United States would have a problem with many dimensions. So would the world...

But most seriously and worryingly, the problem would be that the leader of the world’s leading power would have a catalogue of simplistic ideas in the place of a geopolitical vision. And it is a catalogue that, despite Trump’s promise to “Make America Great Again,” would undermine US prosperity and security. Read More

New: Donald Trump blasts 'incompetent' fire marshal for refusing to let more people into his rally but it turns out the guy is a local hero

Donald Trump may have picked the wrong guy to criticize at a rally in Colorado Springs. Read More

New: As Trump lavishes Colorado with attention, he faces resistance in GOP enclave

Conversations with more than two dozen voters here revealed a widespread ambivalence about Trump, underscoring the difficult climb he faces in turning this state red after it backed Barack Obama in the past two presidential elections. Read More

New: Donald Trump responds to the Khan family: ‘Maybe she wasn’t allowed to have anything to say’

Donald Trump has spoken out about Khizr Khan, the father of a soldier killed in Iraq who issued a devastating critique of Trump at the Democratic convention. Read More

The Democrats' Republican moment

Over four flag-waving days in Philadelphia, Democrats stole the Republicans' mojo.

That's how many conservatives felt, at least, watching their opponent's pageant this week in Philadelphia. And it may be enough to sway some of them to cross the aisle on Election Day. Read More

The Only Way for Republicans to Save Their Party Puts Them in a Pickle

There is only one way for the Republicans to save their party. By voting for Hillary Clinton.

If Trump wins, its all over for the now-tarnished Republican brand. Trump will decimate its cherished policies for four years or more. Diehards will never be able to put it back on track. But if Trump loses... Read More

Clinton, Trump struggle for national security upper hand

In their struggle for the upper hand on national security, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are emphasizing strikingly different themes - he as the bold and cunningly unpredictable strongman who will eliminate terrorism; she as the calm, conventional commander in chief who will manage all manner of crises. Read More

Poll: Clinton, Trump in virtual tie in Missouri

With campaigning set to ramp up post-conventions, a new poll puts Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in a dead heat in Missouri. Read More

Donald Trump at Denver rally: 'I’ve got to win here'

Donald Trump launched a barrage of criticism against Hillary Clinton on Friday as he toured the state, verbally attacking her before huge crowds at his rallies and declaring on Twitter that she’s a “loose cannon with extraordinarily bad judgement.” Read More
Earlier in the week a Democratic Party figure described Trump himself as "a loose cannon." One of the criticism Republicans as well as Democrats have leveled at Trump has been his poor judgment. Sounds like the pot is calling the kettle black. 
Trump Admits the DNC Hurt His Feelings and Made Him Want to Lash Out

This week was a rough one for Donald J. Trump. Democrats and their like-minded friends spent four long days lobbing everything they had at him during their convention in Philadelphia. They painted the former reality TV star as uninformed, unhinged, and un-American. They also made fun of his business record, his alleged fortune, and his Twitter account. Read More

Ruth: Only one candidate sounds presidential

“I can do presidential,” Donald Trump said. So far, he hasn’t. Read More

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