Monday, July 04, 2016

Independence Day Special Edition

What Is True Liberty?

America is mad for liberty. Ours is a free country. We enjoy freedom of speech and of religion, the freedom of the press, and the freedom to bear arms. And rightly so. But though Americans love freedom, many of them have forgotten what it means. Read More

8 Freedoms We Don't Think about Enough on July 4th

Today in America, we celebrate Independence Day. We’ll have picnics, family gatherings, and fireworks. I fear, though, we Christians will miss a number of additional reasons to rejoice today. We miss some other freedoms that are critical.... Read More

Is the Declaration of Independence a ‘Christian’ Document?

Were the Founders Christians or Deists? Read More

Engaging the Elections at Church

How to pastor your congregation during the campaign season. Read More

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