Monday, July 11, 2016

On the Net: "Top Ten things to Know When Finding a Facility for Your Church Plant" and Much More

Top Ten things to Know When Finding a Facility for Your Church Plant

Before you shop for space or start calling on signs, we advise the church to get an understanding of your space needs and your budget. Read More

Episode 80: Creating Clear Next Steps for Guests [Podcast]

Don't let people fall through the cracks. Learn best practices in retaining first time guests. Listen Now

From Preview to Launch

Like a private movie screening, Preview Services introduce the community to a new church that has not yet been released to the public. Read More

Ten Traits of the Healthiest Churches Ten Years from Now

Thom Rainer takes a look into the future ten years from now and describes what he believes will be the characteristics of the healthiest churches in America. Read More

3 Challenges in Urban Ministry

While cities are an excellent place for gospel advancement, urban ministry is not without its challenges. Read More

Six Major Issues Regarding the Digital Church

This phenomenon is not transitory. It will be with us for the foreseeable future. As I speak with pastors and other church leaders across America and beyond, here are the key issues being discussed. Read More

Di-ver-si-ty: Overcoming Homogeneity in Our Churches

Ed Stetzer examines the need for greater cultural, ethnic, generational, and racial diversity in American churches and how to achieve that diversity. Read More

Serving the Community Rarely Fits on the Church Calendar

“What is this church doing for the community?” In our nine years as a church, I’ve found this to be one of the most commonly asked questions by Christians, mostly millennials, who visit our church. This is a fair question and churches should have an answer. But the answer shouldn’t simply be a list of events. Instead, the answer should include how your church and its members are developing a growing number of relationships and consistently meeting long-term needs. Read More

Episode 79: Developing a Culture of Generosity in Your Church [Podcast]

Uncover the best practices in talking about financial stewardship and developing a generous culture. Listen Now

Alcohol Abuse, Perry Noble, and the Church's Response—What Now?

Alcohol abuse wrecks another pastor. Read More

Christology and the Doctrine of the Church

The doctrine of the church has fallen on hard times. Read More

So Are You Actually a Leader? A Simple Way to Tell In Less Than Two Minutes

How can you tell how you’re doing as a leader? Read More

3 Emails You Should Never Send

If you complain about the number of emails you receive, look at the number of emails you send. Read More

5 Reasons to Go Bivocational

I’m not claiming it’s wrong to minister full-time; merely that it’s not always right. Read More

You Are Smart Enough to Study the Bible

There are dozens of reasons for our collective lack of Bible study, but here’s one we need to address: I’m not smart enough.Few people use those words, but this captures the general sentiment. Many people feel inadequate or intimidated by the task of studying the Bible, so they never attempt it. Read More

John Calvin on Prayer: 6 Reasons Why You Should Pray

Is it even necessary to pray? This question is sometimes asked today. Apparently, it was also popular over 500 years ago. Read More

Parents,Don't Waste Your Lazy Summer Days

The pressure to keep our kids’ schedules filled to the brim can diminish the possibility of a summer respite. But is it really such a bad thing to have wide open spaces in our planners? Might this be the very thing we need in order to refocus our priorities and make the most of the short season of time we’re given with our children? Read More

Back to School: 4 Outreach Ideas

This back-to-school season, instead of focusing on just the students, support the people who support the students. Read More

The Playschool Tragedy for Twentysomethings

The twenties have become this new kind of “paradise” in between childhood and real adulthood, when you can party hard, experiment with new things, and spend lots of money without feeling the consequences. Read More

Russia's Newest Law: No Evangelizing Outside of Church

Putin signs new restrictions that limit where and how Christians share the gospel. Read More

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