Tuesday, July 19, 2016

On the Net: "12 Band Aid Solutions to Church Problems" and More

12 Band Aid Solutions to Church Problems

This past weekend, I injured my thumb, and the bleeding necessitated a Band-Aid. The Band-Aid, though, didn’t fix the problem; it just stopped the bleeding. That’s usually what happens, too, when church leaders choose "Band-Aid" solutions for congregational problems like those listed below. The bleeding stops, but the problem ultimately remains. Read More

Trends in Church Architecture, Part 2

Larger churches building smaller buildings with community areas are a growing trend. Read More

11 Actions for Culture Cultivation

Just as a healthy garden will not exist without careful gardening and constant attention, a healthy culture does not happen by accident. Culture is the shared beliefs and values that guide a group of people. Left alone, culture deteriorates. Wise and loving leaders cultivate the culture in which they are leading. If leaders fail to cultivate the culture, they are ignoring the environment that the people they serve alongside must live in, and of course, this greatly and adversely impacts the people the organization or ministry is designed to serve. Here are eleven actions for culture cultivation. Read More

Do Churches Contribute to Solving Social Problems?

An increasing number of Americans say that churches and other houses of worship do not contribute to solving important social problems. Read More

Why Helping a Refugee Could Change the World

his is why the local church matters. Politicians see problems; we see people, created in the image of God. Read More

How Donald Trump weaponised prayer at the Republican National Convention

When a candidate for the highest office in the land seeks to baptise his political crusade and make it a fundamentalist religious one, alarm bells should start ringing. Read More

The Legacy of One-Point Calvinism and Casual Churchianity

Whether from fear or ignorance, sizeable segments of the Christian church avoid the New Testament teaching that pursuing purity in this life is necessary for entrance into the next. Read More

4 Simple Steps for Doing Bible Word Studies

Even if you consider yourself linguistically languid, or you can’t tell a Hebrew aleph from a Greek alpha (those are letters of the alphabet), YOU CAN do basic word studies on the Bible. Here’s how. Read More

No gay church weddings for Nova Scotia

The Bishop of Nova Scotia has written to his clergy in the aftermath of last week’s General Synod vote on gay marriage, saying he will not permit them to solemnize same-sex weddings. Although all eight clergy and lay delegates from the diocese to the 7-12 June 2016 meeting in Toronto voted in favor of amending the marriage canon, the Rt. Rev. Ronald Cutler said he would not give his permission. Read More

Gay marriage "no" vote not counted at General Synod

None of the votes of Anglican Church of Canada's National Indigenous Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Mark MacDonald, were recorded electronically during the recent General Synod. Read More

Nigeria: 200 Muslims storm and destroy Catholic church

A group of several hundred Muslim youths have stormed and destroyed a Catholic church in Nigeria, days after a female pastor was hacked to death and a week after the similarly brutal killing of another, male evangelical pastor. Read More

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