Wednesday, July 13, 2016

On the Net: "4 Ways to Break the Attendance Barrier" and Much More

4 Ways to Break the Attendance Barrier

There are four shifts that must take place to ensure continued growth past the traditional attendance barriers. Read More

Seven Things Church Guests Are Telling Us

What gives church guests a good experience. Read More

Two Statistics Every Church Planter Needs to Know

You can’t plant a church without partners. Read More

Larry Osborne on How to Close the Back Door at Your Church and Truly Align Your Team [Podcast]

Few people have been in leadership as long or effectively as Sticky Church author and North Coast Senior Pastor Larry Osborne. In a wide-ranging conversation, Larry talks about why it took so long for North Coast to grow to a large church, how to close the back door at your church and how to truly align a team. Listen Now
Also see "3 Things You Can Do Right Away" further down the page.
The Church at Its Racial Turning Point

Five ways forward after the recent tragic events. Read More

How Should I Process the Current Tensions and Violence in Our Country

How can we possibly process everything that’s going on in our world? The short answer is: we can’t. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try to think and respond wisely and Christianly. Here are a number of suggestions. Read More

10 Things You Should Know about Race and Racism

Anyone who thinks that we’ve made substantial progress in resolving the problem of racial disharmony and animosity in our society is simply not paying attention. The violent events that have filled our streets in the past week together with the response from both the white and African-American communities clearly demonstrate that mistrust, suspicion, and even hatred across the racial divide are rampant in virtually every sector in our society. So today we turn our attention to 10 things that all of us need to know about race and racism. Read More

Five Questions to Ask Before You Consume Cannabis

Not everyone will be tempted to consume pot, but most everyone will be in a position to advise someone who is considering it. With this in mind, here are five questions to ask before you consume pot. Read More

The Marrow of Calvinism

God’s sovereignty is the marrow of doctrinal Calvinism—provided we understand that this sovereignty is not arbitrary but is the sovereignty of the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Read More

12 Marks of Excellent Pastoral Ministry

John MacArthur has had a long, faithful, fruitful ministry unblemished by great scandal. For decades he has maintained a tight focus on teaching the Bible verse by verse and book by book. In 2006 he taught through 1 Timothy 4 and there he saw Paul providing his young protégé with “a rich summary of all of the apostle’s inspired instruction for those who serve the church as ministers, as pastors. And it all begins with the statement, a noble minister, an excellent minister, a good servant of Christ Jesus.” What are the marks of such a man? MacArthur reveals twelve of them. Read More

One Common Struggle Every Pastor Faces

We often let a few negatives overshadow many positives. Read More

17 Benefits to Reading the Entire Bible

The benefits and joy of journeying the entire way through God’s salvation story are too good to miss. Read More

Three Questions for Bible Journaling

If you’ve never experienced the benefits of Bible journaling, perhaps you find yourself asking the question, “How do I write my thoughts about what I am reading in my Bible?” We like the idea, but have no idea what to write. I wasn’t sure how to begin the process of journaling in my Bible, but asking the following questions about any passage has proved to be a good place to start. Read More

10 Questions for Examining Your Life

Examining your life is essential to your growth as a Christian believer. Seeing your own sins and failings will make it possible for you to confess, repent, find forgiveness, and grow in grace. Read More

Outrage at Russia's 'unconstitutional' crackdown on religion, evangelism

Russia's President Vladmir Putin has signed a package of new anti-terrorism measures into law amid protests that they will be used to crack down on religious freedom. Read More

Anglicans discover mistake in same-sex vote; resolution passes

A stunning reversal of a divisive vote has paved the way for the Anglican Church to perform same-sex marriages in Canada, but that won’t happen before 2019 at the earliest. Read More

Anglicans OK same-sex unions after vote error

Questions about the integrity of the voting process in which Anglicans narrowly rejected a resolution to allow same-sex marriage emerged Tuesday, leading to a stunning reversal of the result that had caused anguish among many members. Read More

Anglican Church in Canada passes same-sex marriage after embarrassing vote miscount

,br/> The Anglican Church of Canada has voted to approve same-sex marriage after all after church leaders confessed to an embarrassing error when counting the votes. Read More

Several Canadian Anglican bishops to OK same-sex marriage despite vote

Toronto Archbishop Colin Johnson considering “next logical step” to authorize some churches to have option to marry same-sex couples. Read More

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