Wednesday, July 20, 2016

On the Net: "7 Suggestions NOT To Do When the Church is in Decline" and More

7 Suggestions NOT To Do When the Church is in Decline

The hardest lesson a church needs to learn in a period of decline, however, is often not what they should do, but what they shouldn’t. I’ve seen churches make, at least what appears to me, to be an abundance of wrong decisions towards growing again. The purpose of this post is to help churches who may find themselves in a declining period avoid mistakes I’ve seen some churches make. Read More

What Happens When a Small Church Begins to Grow?

I learned that small churches that begin to really reach out with the gospel would discover that their desires are at war. Read More

Eight Warning Signs of a Bully Church Member

It’s one thing for me to state the obvious: the traits of a bully. But it’s another thing for me to provide early warning signs so you won’t be blindsided. Here are eight of those warning signs. Read More

Are We Distracting Ourselves to Death?

How technology-driven "hyperreality" hijacks our attention and makes us numb to real-life dangers. Read More

Seven Truths about the Doctrine of Vocation

In 1 Corinthians 7:17–24 Paul speaks of our calling before God. In all of his writings, this may be one that most directly deals with the doctrine of vocation. On Sunday, we will consider this subject at length. In preparation, here are seven truths that relate to “vocation” and our calling to live for and before God in all we say and do. Read More

What's the most important characteristic for a potential elder? [Video]

Juan Sanchez, author of 1 Peter For You, answers in this short video. Watch Now

The Scripture That Is Most Overlooked by Pastors

Many a servant of the Lord has been treated less kindly by Christians than any business in town would treat an employee. Read More

8 Reasons to Preach Through Books of the Bible

While there’s no need to be dogmatic about this kind of sermon delivery, and while I think taking time for short topical sermon series or strategic “stand-alone” messages can be good and helpful, I do think it is generally wise for a pastor not just to preach expositionally, but to preach expositionally through entire books of the Bible. I think every preacher ought to endeavor to feed his flock this way. And here are eight reasons why. Read More

What Is Patience?

Waiting for God is at the heart of living by faith. Read More

David Brainerd: Preach for holiness by preaching the gospel

Brainerd’s primary method in his mission work was Christ-centered preaching. He explained his approach to preaching in his journal: “I cannot but take notice, that I have, in the general, ever since my first coming among these Indians in New Jersey, been favoured with that assistance, which to me is uncommon, in preaching Christ crucified, and making him the centre and mark to which all my discourses among them were directed.” According to Brainerd, Christ was the energizing center of every sermon but he is also the mark, or the goal of every sermon. Read More

Reclaiming evangelism: Why Christians need to recover their passion for Christ

As I travel around churches in the UK, I have found that Christians are feeling more and more like a minority, and with this comes a shyness about being open about their faith. Read More
Christians need to recover their passion for Christ in the United States as well as in the United Kingdom.
Nigeria: Quarter of a million children starving in Boko Haram's Borno state

Nearly a quarter of a million children are suffering from life-threatening malnourishment in Boko Haram's home state of Borno in Nigeria, and one in five are at risk of dying, UNICEF said on Tuesday. Read More

General Synod shared sex conversations place unity above truth, critics charge

The Church of England's "Shared Conversations" program to resolve its divide over the moral and doctrinal issues surrounding the new thinking on homosexuality have failed to take the testimony of Scripture seriously, 32 members of the 1990 Group of General Synod said in a letter sent to the College of Bishops on 17 July 2016. While progressive members of Synod have applauded the facilitated conversations on the new ethics, seeing them as a fair representation of their views, traditionalists have been less sanguine. Read More

Divisions deepen in Church of England as conservatives express 'lack of confidence' in gay marriage talks

A group of conservative Anglicans have expressed their "lack of confidence" in the Church of England's talks on gay relationships. Read More

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