Friday, July 29, 2016

On the Net: "9 Ways to Begin Reaching Your Community for Christ" and More

9 Ways to Begin Reaching Your Community for Christ

If you read this blog much, you know my heart for the nations that don’t know Christ. At the same time, though, Jesus called us to reach our Jerusalem – our community where we live – even as we go to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8). Here are some simple ways to move your congregation in that direction. Read More

3 Types of Legalism

Have you, as a Christian, ever been accused of legalism? That word is often bandied about in the Christian subculture incorrectly. For example, some people might call John a legalist because they view him as narrow-minded. But the term legalism does not refer to narrow-mindedness. In reality, legalism manifests itself in many subtle ways. Read More

3 Dangers of Preaching in a Digital Age

An integral part of ministry involves helping Christians recognize how our culture is forming us so we can intentionally pursue gospel-shaped formation in our cultural moment. Pastors must ask, “How can I help the church discern the forces of our culture?” We also must ask, “How do the forces of our culture shape the way I minister?” Read More

The Word of God and the Academy

The word of God was not written for the elites. It is not the property of the clergy, professors or the academy. God’s word is—as it has ever been—a word for his people. It belongs to the church. Read More

The Sacred Ritual of Church Suppers and Snacks

By honoring the gift of food, we honor the body of Christ. Read More

A Podcasting 'How To'with Carey Nieuwhof - Rainer on Leadership #246 [Podcast]

Carey Nieuwhof joins Thom Rainer and Jonathan Howe to talk about the nuts and bolts of podcasting for pastors and church leaders. Lis Now

Discipling: A Conversation Between Mark Dever and Jonathan Leeman [Podcast]

“If you say you’re a Christian, but you’re not helping other Christians follow Jesus, I’m simply not sure what you mean.” Listen Now

Goodbye, God Gap: Trump and Clinton Have Churchgoers Unusually Split

Plus here's what we know about evangelical Democrats. Read More

The Deep Roots of Our Hillary Hostility

A Clinton biographer and #NeverTrump third-party voter on why evangelicals are #NotWithHer. Read More

Pro-Life Democrats Struggle with Clinton Challenging Status Quo

Hyde Amendment joins Johnson Amendment in no longer being sacrosanct. Read More

Is There a Better Way to Fight 'Political Correctness'?

When language is a tool for coercion, nobody wins. Read More

How controversy over a march to celebrate the conversion of Russia highlights divisions in Ukraine

Controversy over a march to mark the anniversary of the conversion of Russia in AD 988 has highlighted the divisions in Ukrainian society following the loss of territory to its giant neighbour. Read More

Calls for an end to 'continuous massacre of Christians' in Nigeria

Nearly as many Christians have been murdered by Islamists in Nigeria this year as throughout the whole of 2015, latest figures show. Read More

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