Wednesday, July 27, 2016

On the Net: "A Beginner’s Guide to ‘Free Will’" and More

A Beginner’s Guide to ‘Free Will’

The human will is free when it is not in bondage to prefer and choose irrationally. It is free when it is liberated from preferring what is infinitely less preferable than God, and from choosing what will lead to destruction. Read More

Taking Back Christianese #3: “God is Always Pleased with You”

Our purpose in this post (as in all the posts in this series) is simply to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of this phrase. We will do this by asking three questions: (1) Why do people use this phrase? (2) What is correct or helpful about this phrase? and (3) What is problematic about this phrase? Read More

3 Ways to Understand Jesus and the Old Testament

Because Jesus didn’t make an obvious appearance in the Old Testament (OT) and is introduced in the New Testament (NT), Christians sometimes wonder how to connect the OT with Him. In other words, what relationship does Jesus have to books written hundreds of years before He was born? There are several ways to discuss this, but here are a few to get you thinking. Read More

What Do You Think About Pope Francis?

Wherever you land in your opinion of him, here are five traits essential to understanding Pope Francis. Read More

Why You Should Use Stats in Ministry

Facts are our friends, and so are stats. Read More

Seven Reasons for Not Considering Office Hours for Ministerial Staff

I’ve never liked the idea of requiring office hours for pastors and ministry staff. Ministry demands a “go” mentality. It’s hard to go when you have to sit at a desk all day. Assuming you have at least one person in a support role to answer phones and greet walk-ins, then you likely don’t need to require staff to have office hours. Here are a few reasons why I don’t require office hours for ministry staff. Read More

7 of the Hardest People to Lead

Often personalities, experiences and preferences negatively impact a person’s ability to be led effectively. Read More

10 Questions to Evaluate If You Have an Anger Problem

In my years of working with church leaders, I’ve seen two common problems: lust/pornography and anger. As a believer, I’ve dealt with both issues personally, and I know both the brokenness of the ongoing battle and the sweetness of daily, long-term victory. Read More

Attitudes of a True Shepherd

Caring for the wounded is the church’s loving duty to her own. Read More

5 Reasons to Host a Q&A After Your Worship Service

For many years I did a question-and-answer session after each worship service. At the end of the service, just before the benediction, I would say, “Anyone who would like to ask a question about something in the sermon, or in the service, or about our church or Christianity in general—you are invited to stay and ask me those questions. Immediately after the postlude, we will conduct a 40-minute Q&A session right here down in front of the podium.” Read More

6 Times When Prayer Isn’t Enough

If you are doing these six biblical commands, dedicate yourself to prayer and call on God on behalf of our nation. Read More

5 Current Views of Discipleship

“What do you mean by discipleship?” Read More

Who's backing Trump and who's for Clinton? The battle for evangelical endorsements

Endorsements from leading evangelical pastors and opinion-formers are prized, because they can influence the followers of these Christian leaders. "So-and-so thinks Trump is a good guy? Well, maybe he's right." Read More

Vice-President Kaine? Find out six facts about his faith

What can we learn about the Virginia's senator's religion and what influence it would have should he become the next vice-president? Read More

Pakistan: Christian students face 'victimisation and religious persecution'

The Punjab government in Pakistan has launched an inquiry into allegations that Christian students are coming under pressure to convert to Islam. Read More

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