Thursday, July 14, 2016

On the Net: "Eight Mistakes Churches Make on Their Website" and More

Eight Mistakes Churches Make on Their Websites

Your church’s website acts as the front door of your church. It’s likely the first place a guest will look for information about your church. I’ve written in the past about what is essential for effective church websites, but today I turn my attention to what churches often lack on their website. Read More

3 Ways to Respond When People Leave Your Church

Reflect Jesus to people when they come to your church; reflect Jesus when people leave your church. Read More

7 Common Mistakes Pastor Search Committees Make

When you’re searching for your next pastor, watch out for these seven common missteps of pastor search committees. Read More

Faithful Teachers in an Age of Confusion [Audio]

Mike Ovey's talk from this year's Church Society conference, on the major threats to the truth of the gospel in the Church of England today. Listen Now

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