Thursday, July 07, 2016

On the Net: "Returning the Mission of God to the People of God" and More

Returning the Mission of God to the People of God

The church was never meant to be a stagnant pool but, instead, a flowing river of gospel movement, disciples who make disciples who make disciples. Read More

5 Basic Mistakes Churches Make Over and Over Again

The church has the most important mission on earth. Every church should behave like it. Read More

Iggy, Nick, and What Your Culture Really Values

Every team, organization, and ministry has a culture. The culture is the shared beliefs and values, often beneath the surface, that guide the collective actions. There is a lot written about culture, but here are three simple questions to help uncover what your culture really values and believes.... Read More

George Washington: The American Moses

In his 1796 Farewell Address, George Washington argued that religion and morality were essential pillars of the new republic. Read More

6 Reasons Why Porn Is Not Harmless

Porn is much more than an individual decision—it is part of a system that preys on women and children; and its viewers are participating in, contributing to, and being shaped by that destructive, enslaving system. Read More

The 6 Core Responsibilities of a Senior Pastor

Stick to the priorities as best you can. Empower others to do the rest. Read More

Is Skipping Church Good for Your Soul?

An occasional break from the Sunday routine can refresh a soul and help avoid pastoral burnout. Read More

Preachers and Prepackaged Sermons

Technology has made more resources available than ever before; yet the demands of pastoral ministry outpace the ability to keep up. In those moments of feeling overwhelmed, it can be tempting to look for ways to bypass the hard work of sermon preparation. Read More

The Four Most Popular Ways to Read the Song of Songs

We don’t need to make the man in the Song of Songs into an allegory or a type of Jesus to see how the book points us to “the sufferings of Christ and the glories that will follow.” Read More

Bible Study Meets Crafting: The Bible Journaling Craze

What this artsy trend among Christian women shows us about offline spirituality. Read More

4 Reasons Why Every Christian Ought to Know the Traditional Creeds

Jeremy Bouma explains why Christians should know the traditional creeds. Read More

4 Alternative Ways to Pray

Miranda Threlfall-Holmes' The little book of prayer experiments aims to help people think outside of the box when it comesto prayer. Read More

Six Simple Ways Churches Can Get the Most from Facebook Live

Live video is not new for many churches. It’s possible that you’ve used Periscope, Meerkat, or Facebook Live at some point to promote an event or just to have fun. As Facebook Live has grown in popularity, I’ve increasingly been asked “Which should I use for my church?” The answer has now become obvious: Facebook Live. Read More

10 Reasons Leaders Don't Disciple the Way Jesus Did

Jesus preached to the crowds, but He invested in the few: 12 disciples overall, three with whom He spent more time (Peter, James, and John), and perhaps one with whom He spent even more time (Peter). Many church leaders don’t operate that way, though – and that’s a problem. Here are some reasons I’ve observed that explain this omission:.... Read More

Churches forced to shut in Nigeria - for being too noisy

This is a problem that some churches in the increasingly-secular West must dream of sharing. Christianity is growing so fast and so noisily in parts of Nigeria that the authorities are actually having to shut churches down - to secure peace and quiet for local residents. And it is not just churches. Mosques too are being closed in a clampdown on noise pollution. Places of worship are being sacrificed as part of a plan to make Lagos free of noise pollution in just four years. Read More

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