Friday, July 22, 2016

On the Net: "Vanishing Evangelism: The Sobering Case of Church Plants and Evangelism" and More

Vanishing Evangelism: The Sobering Case of Church Plants and Evangelism

Two-thirds of church plants have mostly connected with people who were already a part of a church. Read More

Explainer: Divine Simplicity and the Trinitarian Controversy

Today I’m pleased to run this helpful guest post from my friend Andrew Fulford. Given the confusion that has surrounded the recent trinitarian debate, I thought it would be useful to find someone who could write a relatively straight forward post explaining the different terms being tossed around in this debate so far. So this post is going to be a Vox-style explainer answering some of the basic questions that have come up due to the controversy. Read More

The Dark Side of Leadership Success

There’s a dark side of leadership success, and many don’t like talking about it. Read More

What should a pastor do in his first few years at a church?

So many of the mistakes and missteps a pastor makes in a church as the new pastor comes from a lack of knowledge of what to do. Read More

Preacher’s Toolkit: How Long Should My Sermons Be?

How can one preach better and still afford to preach longer? Faithful preachers who desire to also be interesting must learn four key moves to delivering the kind of sermons that help listeners remain engaged. Read More

Your Life Can Change In One Day

How are you allowing your “one days” to shape your life? Read More

Dobson Endorses Trump, While Evangelical Leaders Advise Voting for Lesser Evil

Pew tracks how many evangelicals came to pick Trump for president. Read More

Why Neither Candidate Has Hispanic Christians Convinced This Election

Leading evangelical explains how both Trump and Clinton fall short. Read More

Arson attacks on 2 Anglican churches in India 

Police in Karnataka in Southern India are investigating the firebombing of two Church of South India churches. Read More

 India: Three Christians severely beaten by suspected Hindu extremists

Three Christians were subject to a brutal attack in central India after being questioned about their faith. Read More

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