Tuesday, July 05, 2016

On the Net: "Why Charismatics and Calvinists Need Each Other" and More

Why Charismatics and Calvinists Need Each Other

Adam Mabry writes how the mingled power of the doctrines of grace and the gifts of grace producing the fruits of grace convinced him that Reformed and charismatic need each other. Read More

The Sexual Revolution and the Witness of the Church

In the face of the sexual revolution, the Christian church in the West now faces a set of moral challenges that exceeds anything it has experienced in the past. This is a revolution of ideas—one that is transforming the entire moral structure of meaning and life. These challenges would be vexing enough for any generation. But the contours of our current challenge have to be understood over against the affecting reality for virtually everything on the American landscape, and furthermore in the West. Read More

The Object of Our Faith

Throughout all of Scripture we see stories of God’s people as they wrestled with doubt. Yet God was merciful to them, and He is merciful to us. So ought we to have mercy on others who doubt (Jude 22). Read More

8 Ways Satan Convinces You To Question Your Salvation

Though Satan can never steal the Christian’s crown, though he can never snatch him away from the hand of the Father, he is so envious and malicious that he will leave no stone unturned in robbing the Christian of comfort and peace, in making their life miserable, in giving them reason to live in constant sorrow and mourning, doubt and questioning. Read More

The Challenges of Scaling a Church – An Interview with Rusty George [Podcast]

Rusty George didn’t plant Real Life Church, but he saw it grow from a small gathering in a movie theater to a multisite church of over 5000 attenders. Rusty talks openly and honestly about the highs and lows of growth, staffing, change and raising money to fund a vision to reach unchurched people. Read More

8 Words of Encouragement for Young Leaders 

Ron Edmondson shares some principles and practices of leadership he has learned along the way. Read More

10 of the Most Shameful Expressions Ever Uttered in Church

It would appear that ministers have to put up with more complaining and griping than any group on the planet. Read More

10 Questions I Ask Before Preaching or Teaching

I’ve been preaching and teaching a long time, and I certainly don’t claim to be an expert. In fact, my failures in the past have led me to ask these 10 questions before I stand before a congregation.... Read More

5 Ways to Reduce Time on Email

Email often helps people communicate more to accomplish less. Instead of being a time-saver in communication, email often wastes time by creating unnecessary communication. Read More

6 Ways to Take Your Fall Festival to the Next Level

Try these six ideas to maximize your fall festival’s ability to reach new members of your community. Read More

Battle looms in Church of England over 'blessings' for gay marriage

Evangelicals are preparing to block what they believe is an attempt to introduce same-sex blessings to the Church of England. Read More

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