Saturday, July 02, 2016

Saturday Lagniappe: "Five Questions Every Church Planter Should Be Asked" and More

Five Questions Every Church Planter Should Be Asked

When I was in the early stages of pondering the church plant I’m currently working in, my coach asked me a series of five simple questions that, over the course of months, helped me think through what my church plant would look like. I’ll share those with you here, along with how I processed them, in the hope that the same questions might help you process your own ministry. Because your context is different, your answers will be different. That’s okay—variety is a good thing. Read More

How To Make Budget Cuts In A Healthy Way

Budget cuts, when led well, can actually create a healthy season of pruning in the life of a church. Read More

The Gospel of the Gospels

Quick. What are the Gospels? Time is up. Did you answer: “The Gospels are the biographies of Jesus Christ?” When we read the Gospels as biographies only, we basically look at them like trees apart from the proverbial forest. There is a better way to read and hear them. The Gospels are biography, but they are theological interpretations of the life of Jesus Christ with the purpose of proclaiming the coming of the king of Israel and the inauguration of His kingdom over all the earth. Read More

True Leaders Are Teachable

When it comes to the indispensable qualities for being a leader in the body of Christ and in life in general, there’s one characteristic that perhaps should be placed at the top: teachability. Read More

4 Reasons Why Leaders Need to Avoid Yes-Men

Say "no" to those who always say "yes." Read More

Every Pastor Needs Someone to Mentor

Mark Dance gives a number of initial steps that a pastor might take toward becoming a mentor. Read More

7 Reasons Why Church People Criticize Pastors

If you serve in a church, criticism comes with the territory. I doubt that any pastor or leader likes it. But, we must deal with it in a God-honoring way. One way to do that is to understand why people criticize us. I’ve listed below what I believe are seven reasons why church people criticize pastors with a suggested response to each. Read More

Seven Mistakes in Public Speaking

A well-timed, well-delivered address can rally the troops, strengthen the team, and compel them toward excellence. On the other hand, I’ve seen (and exhibited at times, I’m sure) some mistakes in public speaking. Here are a few of those. Read More

Nigeria 'worst' humanitarian crisis, activists say

Boko Haram violence has created a multifaceted humanitarian crisis in Nigeria that the 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative (21CWI) and former Congressman Frank R. Wolf describe as the "gravest" in the world. Read More

Pastors favor patriotism for July Fourth services

Americans who attend a Protestant worship service the week of July Fourth are likely to get a good dose of God and country. Read More

Pope Francis continues to sow confusion with remarks on marriage, homosexuality, and—yes—justification [Podcast; transcript]

One of the most amazing things we are now witnessing is that the papacy is being reinvented right before our eyes. It is Pope Francis that has led this entire process of basically redefining the entire papacy. He has done so not so much by his official actions in terms of his official doctrinal teaching, but rather by his words, by his gestures, and by the general way he presents the papacy. Read More
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Episcopal Church's Largest Congregation Is 300 Muslims Who Meet for Friday Prayers

An Episcopal church in Washington, D.C. has been welcoming Muslims into their sanctuary for Friday prayers for eight years, and the men who meet there now outnumber the church's congregation. Read More

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