Saturday, July 09, 2016

Saturday Lagniappe: "The Origin of Calvinism" and More

The Origin of Calvinism

This Sunday is the birthday of the French Reformed theologian John Calvin. In this article John Piper reflects on the origins of what some people call "Calvinism" after John Calvin. Read More

How To Recognize & Remedy Micromangement

Everyone can’t be lead in the same way. When leading one person, more direction, or follow-up may be perfectly appropriate and needed, but for another, it’s micromanagement. Read More

Passion for God's Word Changes the World

In 2013 while on research leave at Tyndale House in Cambridge, UK, I had a chance to examine the holdings of the British and Foreign Bible Society personally. The collection, housed in the Cambridge University library, was curated by a friend of mine. In addition to very old copies of the Bible (including first editions of Tyndale's New Testament!), there were shelves of translator notes and Bible's from missions contexts around the world. And there too was Mary Jones' Bible, which I held in my hand. Read More

How to pray for the police

Here are eight ways we can pray for the police in America. Read More

3 Ways to Help Our Kids Process Racial Injustice

How can we partner together as parents to raise kids who peacefully stand for justice, rather than ignorantly becoming complicit in it? Here are three simple steps in that direction. Read More

Creating an Evangelistic Culture: Thoughts on Lee Strobel’s Address at Amplify16

Alvin L. Reid reflects on one of the plenary addresses given at the Amplify Evangelism Conference held in Wheaton, Illinois this week. Read More

Bishops step in with call for action as Malawi faces national food crisis

Bishops in Malawi have warned that their country is facing a national food crisis as latest governent figures suggest nearly half of the population could be going hungry. Read More

Nigerian Christian who sought refuge in Italy from Boko Haram is murdered

A young Nigerian who fled Boko Haram to seek asylum in Italy has been murdered in a racist assault. Emmanuel Chidi Namdi, 36, died from injuries from a beating in Fermo after his wife Chinyeri endured racist insults. They had escaped to Italy after their daughter and Emmanuel's parents had been murdered in an attack on their church in Nigeria by Boko Haram. Read More

The Church of England: Synod faces conservative boycott over gay marriage talks

The Church of England's governing body may face a conservative rebellion over its discussions on gay marriage. Read More

Gay marriage on the agenda for Canadian General Synod this week

Archbishop Fred Hiltz opened the 41st General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada with an admission the church’s deliberations on the topic of same-sex marriage would be difficult. Read More

Opening address by the Primate of Canada to General Synod

Presiding Bishop Fred Hiltz addresses what may prove to be a contentious General Synod for the Anglican Church of Canada as liberals seek to leverage its approval of same sex marriage rites. Read More

Bermuda pastors key in gay marriage referendum

Traditional marriage proponents in many U.S. states and other western nations see a disheartening trend when it comes to same-sex marriage: Citizens vote to reject it. A court overturns the will of the people. Same-sex marriage becomes the law of the land. But Bermuda -- a British island territory some 650 miles east-southeast of North Carolina's Outer Banks -- seems poised to reverse that trend.Read More
This article may be overly-optimistic.

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