Tuesday, July 26, 2016

US Presidential Election: Democrats Work to Overcome Disunity--UPDATED

New: Democrats seek to work past discord; set to nominate Clinton

Hillary Clinton was set to become the first woman presidential nominee of a major U.S. party on Tuesday, a historic moment that Democrats hope will help eclipse rancor between supporters of Clinton and her rival in the primary contests, Bernie Sanders. Read More

New: It’s up to Bernie Sanders to fix the Democratic Party

If there has been one dominant theme of the Democratic National Convention so far it’s been disunity. Read More

New: Democrats pull convention back from the brink

Sanders joins forces with Clinton camp to soothe angry delegates, as he makes a prime-time pitch for his former rival. Read More

New: Sanders Outlines a Plan to Help Clinton, Fundraising Not Included

The senator says he intends to give his delegates the opportunity to vote for him Tuesday even as he urges them to back Clinton and defeat Trump. Read More

New: Donald Trump risks 'financial crisis' from WTO exit

Donald Trump has revved up his populist campaign against international trade by threatening to withdraw the United States from the World Trade Organisation, an unprecedented move that economists said would cause a global financial crisis. Read More

New: From Nato to WTO, Trump challenges current world order

Toughening immigration checks for the French and Germans, questioning Nato obligations and hinting at an exit from the World Trade Organisation (WTO): Mr Donald Trump has cast further doubt on US alliances and commitments around the world. Read More

Putin’s suspected meddling in a U.S. election would be a disturbing first

Credit for the internecine furor that disrupted the Democratic Party on the eve of its convention should go to Vladimir Putin. Read More

Sources: US officials warned DNC of hack months before the party acted

Federal investigators tried to warn the Democratic National Committee about a potential intrusion in their computer network months before the party moved to try to fix the problem, U.S. officials briefed on the probe tell CNN. Read More

Russian Hackers Altered Emails Before Release to Wikileaks

New evidence is emerging that content from the DNC emails accessed by Russian hackers may have been altered before being released to Wikileaks. This added layer of information joined with the timing of the release and Trump’s cozy relationship with Putin paint a picture of deep collusion and planning aimed at fracturing any potential Democratic unity at the most crucial point in the 2016 presidential election cycle. Read More

Trump says he would consider alliance with Russia over Islamic State

Republican nominee Donald Trump said on Monday that if elected U.S. president he would weigh an alliance with Russia against Islamic State militants but rejected any suggestion Russian President Vladimir Putin might be trying to help him win. Read More

Dems open convention without Wasserman Schultz

The Democratic National Convention kicked off Monday without its outgoing Democratic National Committee chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, following a chaotic scene at a morning meeting where she was loudly jeered by Bernie Sanders supporters. Read More

Hillary's convention opens with pro-Sanders protests

The Democratic convention that will make Hillary Clinton the first woman ever nominated by a major party for president opened Monday with protests in support of the man she defeated, Bernie Sanders -- who received the night's lengthiest and most rousing reception. Read More

On raucous opening night, Democratic stars make a pitch for Clinton

The Democratic Party's deep divisions were on full display on a raucous first day of its convention, with Bernie Sanders portraying Hillary Clinton as a fellow soldier in his fight for economic equality while his supporters booed the mere mention of her name. Read More

Bernie Sanders: 'I am proud to stand with her'

Bernie Sanders on Monday led an orchestrated attempt by Democratic leaders to pull their party together, but simmering anger among his die-hard supporters proved that Democratic unity will be a work in progress. Read More

Bernie Sanders Goes All In For Hillary Clinton

When Bernie Sanders walked out to address the Democratic National Convention, on Monday night, at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center, which normally serves as home to the N.B.A.’s hapless 76ers, he was fully aware that many of his supporters were ready for a fight. Read More

US election: Democratic Party struggles to present unified front on first day of convention

The first day of the Democratic National Convention, where she is set to become the first female presidential nominee for a major US party, has been marred by scandal and disunity. Read More

Clinton says there is an unfair 'Hillary standard' on trust and honesty

Hillary Clinton "felt sad" watching a Republican National Convention that was mostly about "criticizing me," she said an interview aired Sunday night on CBS' "60 Minutes." Read More

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