Friday, August 05, 2016

2016 Presidential Election: "What you see is what you get."

Three Things Trump Must Do but Probably Won’t

This has been an awful week for the Trump campaign. Trump engaged in an ongoing self-defeating fight with a Gold Star family, refused to endorse Republican leadership (who now barely endorse him), displayed ignorance of events in Ukraine, possibly made disturbing comments about the use of nukes, saw the public defections of prominent Republican politicians, and heard the doubts of friends and close supporters over his conduct. Plus, he practically ignored his opponent, mostly giving Hillary Clinton a pass on recent events that should hurt her (e.g., baldly lying to Chris Wallace on national television, bad economic reports, money for hostages.) All this no doubt cheered Clinton and the Never Trump crowd, but has dispirited many ordinary Republicans who swallowed hard and went along with his candidacy. Trump must quickly right the ship or face certain disaster in November. Read More

GOP is running out of time to fix Trump

With less than 100 days until the election, we have now officially entered the unforgiving phase of the presidential election cycle. In a traditional election, the mistakes that Donald Trump made this past week, such as attacking the family of a fallen soldier, or not endorsing senior members of one's party, or not understanding whether or not Russia invaded Ukraine, would have proven disastrous. But this is no traditional election – or is it? While it's easy to believe that in this "bizarro" election Trump can survive this week, there are some brutal realities that the GOP candidate can no longer avoid facing. Read More

Senate GOP on edge over Trump’s falling polls

New polls showing Hillary Clinton opening up big leads over Donald Trump in two key battlegrounds has sparked alarm among Republicans who worry he will sink their Senate majority. Read More

Whites And Men Flee Donald Trump As Hillary Clinton Opens Up A Massive 15 Point Lead

Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump 48%-33% in the new McClatchy-Marist poll, but what is shocking is that Trump is losing the support of men. Read More

Donald Trump Just Had Another Very Bad Polling Day

Two new surveys show him with less than 40 percent of the vote against Hillary Clinton. Read More

Poll: Clinton leads Trump in Georgia

Hillary Clinton holds a four-point lead over Donald Trump in Georgia, a state that has not voted for a Democratic presidential nominee in nearly a quarter century, according to the results of an Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll out Friday. Read More

Despite The Good Polls, Donald Trump Could Still Win In November

The presidential race has taken a dramatic shift in favor of Hillary Clinton. But now isn't the time to slow down or let up. Read More

Insiders to Trump: Drop out

'I’d rather take our chances with nearly anyone else than continue with this certain loser who will likely cost the Senate and much more,' said a New Hampshire Republican. Read More

Harvard Republican Club Will Not Support Party Nominee Donald Trump

The Harvard Republican Club announced it would not support Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump, and called for Republican leaders to withdraw their support of the candidate they called a “threat to the survival of the Republic” in a press release Thursday. Read More

GOP congressman on Trump in ad: 'Honestly, I don't care for him much'

One Colorado Republican has taken his discomfort with his party's presidential nominee to the airwaves. Read More

The GOP cowering in front of its bully

In was in late June when Rep. David Valadao of California did something that so many other Republicans have refused to do. He withdrew his initial support of then-presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump.

What will it take for other rank-and-file Republicans to back away? When will enough be enough? Read More

Mike Pence has quickly become Donald Trump's damage-control guy

If Mike Pence had any doubts about what life would be like on the 2016 Republican presidential ticket with Donald Trump, the past week will have erased them: He is the damage-control guy. Read More

Donald Trump backtracks on 'video of Iran payment'

US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has backtracked on a claim that he saw video footage of a US cash payment to Iran. Read More

Trump admits he was wrong, says he didn't really see a video of the cash transfer to Iran

Donald Trump walked back his claims that he'd seen a video of cash coming off a plane in Iran as part of a $400 million payment from the US. Read More

Trump Repeats His Lie That He Watched A Video Of Money Landing In Iran

His own campaign admits no such video exists. Read More

Fact check: Did Trump see "money pouring off a plane" in Iran?

The footage does not show pallets of cash. Nor is it the work of Iranian state TV shot in Tehran, as Trump claimed. Read More
Trump's military spending flip-flop

Before Donald Trump favored boosting the defense budget, he was for slashing it. Read More
Trump has also flipflopped on abortion and same-sex marriage. Until recently he was pro-choice and supported gay marriage. He adopted a pro-life, anti-gay marriage position in the presidential election primaries apparently to garner evangelical support. Where he really stands only he knows.
Former CIA chief: Putin recruited Trump as an 'unwitting agent' of Russia

For former acting CIA Director Michael Morell, Donald Trump does not have what it takes to be commander in chief. Read More

Former CIA Chief Smacks Down Donald Trump In Clinton Endorsement

Michael Morell says Trump’s a self-aggrandizing agent of Vladimir Putin who’s guilty of “routine carelessness with the facts.” Read More

Trump dismisses ex-CIA chief as 'Obama-Clinton pawn'

Donald Trump on Friday hit back at a former CIA leader who called him an "unwitting agent of Russia," calling him a pawn for Hillary Clinton and President Obama. Read More

Donald Trump Is Pretty Sure He’s Laid The Groundwork For World Peace

He laid it on the west side of Manhattan, around 72nd Street. Read More
This article is largely about Trump's past business dealings.
Trump unveils all-male economic advisory team

Donald Trump's campaign on Friday announced more than a dozen members of the Republican nominee's all-male economic advisory team, including several prominent real-estate investors, hedge-fund managers and bankers. Read More

Strong U.S. employment report brightens economic outlook

U.S. employment increased more than expected in July and wages picked up, which should bolster expectations of an acceleration in economic growth and raise the probability of a Federal Reserve interest rate hike this year. Read More
This report could give a boost to the Democrats in the upcoming elections.
Why Doesn't Hillary Clinton Have More Press Conferences?

Why that's the case requires a layered answer, involving events as fresh as Trump's own missteps in recent days and as dated as Clinton's memories of the first years of her husband's administration. Read More

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