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2016 US Presidential Election: What surprises does Thursday hold in store? - FURTHER UPDATES

New: For America’s sake, Donald Trump, drop out of the race now

Donald Trump’s campaign is on fire.

Not in the Stephen Curry “watch me sink 10 straight long-range jumpshots” sense. More like the “raging dumpster fire behind an abandoned Wal-Mart in the middle of nowhere” sense. Read More

New: First Read: GOP, Trump Go From 'Unraveling' to 'Break Glass' Mode

Yesterday morning, we wrote that Donald Trump's campaign seemed like it was unraveling over his inexplicable clash with the Khan family. Twenty-four hours later, the word "unraveling" seems like an understatement. Take a look at what's happened in the last 24 hours. Read More

New: Hillary Clinton sits back and watches as GOP drama intensifies

Democrats expected to ride high after their national convention -- but they didn't imagine it would feel this good. Read More

New: Donald Trump Is Out of Time

There may be three months to go until Election Day. But the race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is all-but-over. Read More

New: Trump: ‘I don’t know why we’re not leading by a lot’

Donald Trump said he’s puzzled as to why he’s not leading Hillary Clinton by large margins at a rally Wednesday night, making no mention of the controversies that have mired his campaign all week. Read More

New: It’s friend against friend in the Republican civil war

Jeff Flake and Mike Pence were the best of friends.

But in recent weeks, the two friends made very different choices. Flake became, arguably, the most outspoken critic of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump among elected Republicans. And Pence agreed to be Trump’s running mate. Read More

New: Rep. Kinzinger says he will not vote for Trump

Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger said Wednesday he will not support Donald Trump in November, as he becomes the latest elected Republican official to break from the party. Read More

New: In Colorado, Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump in Polls and Presence

With polls showing Colorado slipping from the grasp of Donald J. Trump, Hillary Clinton sought to close and bolt the door on him Wednesday, campaigning in a heavily Hispanic community, while the Trump campaign dispatched Mike Pence, to rally the state’s bloc of social conservatives. Read More

New: Can This Campaign Be Saved? GOP Scrambles To 'Reset' Trump

Some party loyalists are scrambling to try to course correct Donald Trump's erratic presidential campaign after the nominee suffered a startling number of self-inflicted campaign wounds in just the kick-off week of the general election race. Read More

New: Sorry, GOP: There Is No Trump 'Reset' Button

The GOP has its nominee, and it is Donald Trump. This has been documented for quite some time, and we are reminded of it daily—and yet, amazingly, a good number of otherwise intelligent people seem repeatedly shocked that Donald Trump is indeed Donald Trump, and not a Calvin Coolidge/Ronald Reagan/Ludwig von Mises hybrid hiding inside a fantastically clever and wildly expensive Donald Trump look-alike suit. Read More
Also see Someone Needs an Intervention Here, and It’s Not Donald Trump and Trump Allies Plot Candidate Intervention After Disastrous 48 Hours.
New: Fury at top of Republican Party over Trump snub of House speaker

Donald Trump's White House campaign was in turmoil on Wednesday after he angered seniand or Republican Party leaders by criticizing a dead soldier's family and refusing to back the re-election campaign of House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan. Read More

New: Donald Trump Pushes Republican Party to Its Breaking Point

Donald Trump has summoned a tornado of negative stories that threaten to rip his campaign from its foundation if he doesn't stop, supporters inside and outside Trump's orbit are warning. Read More

New: Donald Trump makes his most dangerous comments yet

Of all the dangerous things Donald Trump has said, perhaps the most concerning is his assertion that the election might be rigged. This irresponsible, unsupported suggestion augurs poorly for Trump’s behavior in the increasingly likely event of his loss. Read More

Can journalism resist the Trump temptation? Column

It's hard to be fair and balanced when one nominee is a headline machine and the other isn't. Read More

Clinton hits Trump for profiting off foreign labor

Hillary Clinton is criticizing Donald Trump’s use of outsourcing at his companies, part of an effort to undercut the business record that has formed the basis of his presidential pitch. Read More

Hillary Clinton Hits Trump Over Outsourcing

Donald Trump boasts about the businesses he's built and that he would be the "greatest jobs president that God ever created." But Hillary Clinton is hitting him for making many of his products overseas and not in the U.S. Read More

How Clinton’s plans would actually help white displaced workers

Instead of resentment, Democrat offers higher pay, marketable skills. Read More

Donald Trump's tough week could cost him in swing states, and he's running out of time to recover

By distracting voters from Hillary Clinton’s problems and his own message that the economy and immigration system are not working, Trump could be squandering his best opportunity to close Clinton’s advantages in polling and electoral math; she leads by more than four points in an average of recent polls. And it’s places like the Phoenix area and the Virginia suburbs near Washington — dotted with new housing developments, bustling strip malls and groups of teenagers zipping around on bicycles — that could decide the election. Read More

GOP reaches ‘new level of panic’ over Trump’s candidacy

The Republican Party was in turmoil again Wednesday as party leaders, strategists and donors voiced increasing alarm about the flailing state of Donald Trump’s candidacy and fears that the presidential nominee was damaging the party with an extraordinary week of self-inflicted mistakes, gratuitous attacks and missed opportunities. Read More

Trump Allies Plot Candidate Intervention After Disastrous 48 Hours

Key Republicans close to Donald Trump's orbit are plotting an intervention with the candidate after a disastrous 48 hours led some influential voices in the party to question whether Trump can stay at the top of the Republican ticket without catastrophic consequences for his campaign and the GOP at large. Read More

ANALYSIS: Donald Trump Creates Existential Crisis for Republican Party

Events of the last 72 hours have shaken confidence in his campaign at the highest levels of the Republican Party. They are now posing an existential challenge to a party that has been riven by divisions despite the natural unity that should come with opposing the Clintons. Read More

Is Trump cracking under the pressure of presidential politics?

Republican nominee Donald Trump, who is showing increasing signs he may cracking under the pressure of presidential politics, has expanded his campaign of insults by attacking House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.). Read More

Would Donald Trump Really Consider Dropping Out?

f he quit now, he’d go down as the biggest loser in the history of American politics. Read More

Here's what would happen if Donald Trump dropped out of the race before Election Day

No candidate of a major party has ever dropped out of a race between his or her party's convention and the general election, but there are rules that indicate what would happen in this unlikely scenario. Read More

Forget Trump: In Ryan's District, Voters Give Him Thumbs Up

Donald Trump may be unwilling to endorse House Speaker Paul Ryan, but voters in his southeast Wisconsin district are eager to embrace their congressman. Read More

Pence, Trump diverge on Ryan support

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence broke with his running mate Donald Trump on Wednesday in endorsing House Speaker Paul Ryan in his primary re-election fight. Read More

Mike Pence endorses Paul Ryan’s reelection bid after Trump refuses to, in the latest of many contradictions between the GOP running mates

Talk about a split ticket.

GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence “strongly” endorsed House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) in his reelection bid Wednesday, just a day after Donald Trump refused to do so, highlighting the rampant disorganization, and potential discord, currently overtaking the Republican ticket. Read More

What more does Donald Trump have to do before GOP leaders denounce him?

How much easier does Donald Trump have to make it before House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and U.S. Sen. John McCain finally withdraw their endorsements of a Republican nominee who, as The Times editorial board said back in March, is uniquely unqualified to be president? Read More

'Why don't we use nukes?' sounds like a plausible thing for Donald Trump to say

Republican Donald Trump, the second-most likely person to take over as president in 2017, wants you to know he never asked why the United States can’t just use nuclear weapons and be done with our enemies already. Call me cynical, but I don’t believe him. Read More

The GOP's Donald Trump freak-out

Republicans are freaking out about Donald Trump, but the candidate himself is insisting his campaign has never been in better shape. Read More

Donald Trump just downgraded Hillary Clinton from ‘the devil’ to the ‘founder of ISIS’

Donald Trump is indeed reforming his ways and softening his tone. Earlier this week, he called Hillary Clinton "the devil." Now, she's simply the "founder of ISIS." Read More

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