Friday, August 05, 2016

2016 US Presidential Election: Facts on Trump's economic advisors very revealing - FURTHER UPDATES

New: Trump loses ground among key voter groups, tracking poll finds

Donald Trump’s standing among key voter groups has steadily dropped for more than a week, erasing the lead the Republican nominee once had in the presidential contest, according to the latest findings from the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times national tracking poll of the race.

What’s striking about the trend is not Hillary Clinton’s rise — typically, candidates get a boost from their nominating conventions, and the Democrat’s post-convention increase of about 5 percentage points is only slightly above average.

More significant is the scope and breadth of Trump’s decline. Read More

New: Pennsylvania holds keys in Clinton-Trump tilt

National and state polls conducted after the national party nominating conventions in July picked up a surge by Democrat Hillary Clinton. Pennsylvania is no exception. Read More

New: Hillary Clinton is crushing Trump in the latest polls — but polls can get it wrong in lots of ways

During the primaries, Clinton's big lead in one state's polls turned into a loss on election day. Read More
Overconfidence can lead to complacency and a lost election.
New: In complicated Ohio, Trump and Clinton swap voters as they vie for a key state

The most recent public polling has the race dead even in the state — but that survey was conducted weeks ago, during the Republican convention. Even Republicans suggest that Clinton has likely pulled ahead here, as she has in nearby industrial states and nationally since the end of her convention.

But few expect Ohio to deviate in November from its recent record of close contests. Read More

New: July job surge could bring unpleasant fallout for Clinton

Friday’s surprisingly strong jobs numbers could carry an unwelcome September surprise for Hillary Clinton, courtesy of Janet Yellen and the Federal Reserve. Read More

New: Clinton confident on immigration reform success as president

Hillary Clinton expects to succeed on achieving immigration reform where President Barack Obama has thus far failed because “there’s nothing like winning to change minds,” she said Friday afternoon. Read More

New: Asked About Black Friends, Clinton Says She's 'Blessed To Have A Crew'

Addressing a joint convention of black and Hispanic journalists Friday, Hillary Clinton found herself wading through a Q&A session — a format that has become a rarity for her. Read More

Trump Names Wall Street And Real Estate Titans As Economic Advisers

Donald Trump has released the names of his economic advisers, a list heavy with Wall Street and real estate industry figures, but short of actual economists. Read More

Trump unveils economic policy team, includes John Paulson

Donald Trump has unveiled an economic team that includes hedge titan John Paulson to help guide the GOP presidential candidate's sometimes-inconsistent policy statements. Read More

Trump Names Economy Team of Rich Men Who Look a Lot Like Him

Donald Trump unveiled an economic team that’s a mirror image of the candidate and his campaign: They’re mostly outside the Republican, Wall Street and academic establishments, and they’re all men. Read More

Trump's Economic Adviser Said the Economy Was Fine—Right Before It Imploded

Did we mention he worked for the investment bank that lit the fuse on the financial meltdown? Read More

Factbox: Republican presidential candidate Trump's economic team

Here are some facts on members of his economic team. Read More

Fact check: Kaine vs. Pence on unemployment

We have long cautioned our readers to be wary of claims about governors’ performance on job creation, because economists point out that job gains and losses, and unemployment rates, tend to track regional and national trends. And viewing them out of that context presents a distorted view. Read More

Electoral map expands for Clinton, shrinks for Trump

Donald Trump’s stumbles over the last two weeks have led to a shift in polls that is giving Hillary Clinton significant leads in several swing states while putting other states previously seen as safely Republican within her grasp. Read More

Clinton's third-party headache

Polls show younger voters are taking a long look at the Libertarian and Green Party nominees this year. That could be a big problem for Hillary Clinton in a close race against Donald Trump. Read More

Clinton Nukes Trump

The Clinton campaign clearly thinks Donald's dangerous foreign policy trumps her email problem. Read More

Poll: Clinton leads Trump in red state Georgia

Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump in a surprising new poll of Georgia, edging the Republican nominee 44% to 40% among registered voters in the deep red state. Read More

Top Minnesota Republicans Mixed On Trump

In Minnesota, Republican leaders are uneasy with Trump as the GOP candidate. Read More

Donors losing patience with Trump

The turbulence in Donald Trump's campaign could cost him money — potentially a lot of it.

Trump fundraisers say that large donors are holding back checks because they can’t trust that the businessman will stay disciplined enough to run a serious campaign. Read More

Trump spokesman: These 'have been very good days'

Despite flagging poll numbers in battleground states and feuds within the Republican Party, Donald Trump's campaign has been enjoying some "very good days" this week, one of the GOP's nominee's top aides said Friday. Read More

Trump backs off false Iran video claim

Donald Trump backed off a false claim Friday morning, admitting he had not seen a video of a $400 million payment being unloaded from a US plane in Iran. Read More

CNN Analysts Explain Why Trump’s Backtrack On His False Iran Video Claim Does Not Deserve Praise

Numerous CNN analysts tempered media responses to the revelation that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump backtracked on his widely-criticized false claim that he saw video footage of the U.S. delivering cash to Iran. While some in the media gave Trump credit for “making a rare admission he was wrong,” CNN analysts explained that the remarks were just another attempt by Trump to recreate reality. Read More

Trump sort of admits he was wrong about Iran video — there was no cash

Donald Trump acknowledged Friday that the videotape he has been talking about over the last couple of days is of American prisoners being freed from Iran and not of a $400 million cash payment from the U.S. as he had described it. Read More

Trump Boasts About Watching ‘Top Secret’ Iran Video, But His Campaign Confirms He Did Not

He was actually referencing a video filmed in Geneva, which is not in Iran. Read More

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