Thursday, August 04, 2016

2016 US Presidential Election: Trump lags in the polls; Trump campaign dismisses Clinton's lead - FURTHER UPDATES

New: NBC/WSJ Poll: Hillary Clinton Jumps to Nine Point Lead Over Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton has jumped out to a nine-point lead over Donald Trump, a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal national poll shows, nearly doubling the five-point advantage she held over her Republican foe before the political conventions. Read More

New: Clinton campaign defends position on ethanol mandate

Hillary Clinton’s campaign fought back Thursday against a report the Democratic presidential nominee might make significant changes to the mandate requiring ethanol be blended into the fuel supply. Read More

New: Protesters with pocket constitutions removed from Trump rally

A group of protesters at Donald Trump's rally here on Thursday stood up silently during the Republican nominee's speech and held up pocket copies of the Constitution.

They were quickly ejected from the event by campaign staffers and drew fierce boos and jeers from the roughly 1,800 Trump supporters packed into the auditorium, the capacity of the venue. Read More

New: Protesters With Pocket Constitutions Removed From Donald Trump Rally in Maine

Hillary Clinton also had to deal with protesters while stumping. Read More

New: Clinton Republicans, Trump Democrats: See Who's Defecting This Election

Here's a list of some notable Republicans and Democrats who have endorsed the other party's candidate this election and in the recent past. Read More

New: Trump's campaign may be hurting traffic to Trump properties

Donald Trump's campaign to make America great again may not be so great for his businesses. Read More

New: Trump's Presidential Campaign Has Stifled Traffic to His Hotels and Casinos

Since Donald Trump announced his candidacy in June 2015, foot traffic to Trump-branded hotels, casinos and golf courses in the U.S. has been down, according to extensive data analyzed by location intelligence company Foursquare. Read More

Trump’s presidential run may be ruining his businesses

The presidential election is still 96 days away but many Americans have already voted — with their feet. Read More

Trump hotels and casino traffic has taken a huge hit since Trump started running for president

The team at Foursquare. Read More

New: Mike Pence Stands By His Running Mate

In Raleigh, North Carolina, the Republican vice-presidential nominee insists the ticket and the party are unified. Read More

New: 11-year-old puts Pence on the spot with Trump question

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence on Thursday fielded one of the toughest questions he's faced as Donald Trump's running mate - from 11-year-old Matthew Schricker. Read More

New: Young boy to Pence: Are you Trump's apologist?

At a North Carolina town hall Thursday, among the toughest questions Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence faced came from an 11-year-old boy.

“I’ve noticed you’ve been softening up on Trump’s words and policies. Is this going to be your role in the administration?” the boy asked Pence as the crowd erupted in laughter. Read More

New: In heat of the campaign, White House and Clinton face questions about $400-million payment to Iran

As the White House and Hillary Clinton faced questions Thursday about a $400-million cash payment to Iran early this year, there was a bit of shared incredulity that it has suddenly become an issue in the presidential campaign.

After all, the White House’s spokesman noted, President Obama publicly announced the payment last January as part of the implementation of the Iran nuclear deal.

The money was described as the return of Iranian funds from a dispute dating back to the 1970s. Read More

Ryan stands by his Trump endorsement -- for now

House Speaker Paul Ryan stood by his endorsement of Donald Trump Thursday, but didn't rule out withdrawing it at some point in the future should he deem that necessary. Read More

Paul Ryan says Trump’s campaign is ‘distressing’ but stands by endorsement

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan repeated Thursday that his endorsement of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was “not a blank check” and delivered a sharp critique of Trump’s flailing campaign two days after Trump declined to endorse Ryan for reelection to his Wisconsin congressional seat. Read More

Paul Ryan: My support for Donald Trump is not a "blank check"

Speaker Paul Ryan suggested Thursday that his endorsement of Donald Trump for president is not written in stone. Read More

The Trump-Ryan-Priebus affair: It’s getting personal

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus’ anger at Donald Trump over his failure to endorse House Speaker Paul Ryan, who is being challenged in next week Republican primary by businessman Paul Nehlen, has to be understood in the context of the chairman’s relationship with Ryan.

Many observers believe that Priebus leaned heavily on Ryan and pleaded with him to endorse Trump, for the sake of the party and as a personal favor. Hence Trump’s refusal now to endorse Ryan’s reelection in the Republican primary next week would be seen by Priebus as a personal betrayal. Read More

Many questions and few answers about how Melania Trump immigrated to the U.S.

Newly published nude photographs of Melania Trump, the wife of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, have raised questions about the story of her immigration to the United States and how the Slovenian-born former model gained her legal status here — questions that the Trump campaign is not answering. Read More

Trump stumbles into error on Iran amid cash transfer row

As secretary of state, Clinton approved secret negotiations with Iran that ultimately led to a nuclear agreement announced last year. But this particular money transfer is unrelated to that deal. Read More

AP Fact Check: Trump off base on Clinton and $400 million Iran payment

Trump is wrong about Clinton's involvement. The $400 million payment - plus $1.3 billion in interest to be paid later - is a separate issue from the Iran nuclear deal that Clinton initiated. The process that resulted in the payout started decades before she became secretary of state. Read More

Donald Trump did not actually watch an Iranian recording of that controversial money transfer

This wasn't the only questionable thing Trump said about Iran on Wednesday. Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler dug into Trump's assertion that Hillary Clinton "started talks to give 400 million dollars, in cash, to Iran," evaluating the untrue statement as worthy of four Pinocchios. Read More

Poll: Clinton pulls into lead in Florida

Hillary Clinton now leads Donald Trump in the key state of Florida, a new Suffolk University Poll finds, another sign of a bounce in support for the Democratic presidential nominee in the wake of the national political conventions and controversies that have enveloped her Republican rival. Read More

Trump's shrinking electoral map

The 2016 battleground map may soon have one less state on it. Read More

New state and national polls suggest Trump’s campaign is wobbling

A difficult week for Donald Trump has gotten tougher with the release of several new polls in swing states showing him trailing Hillary Clinton by wide margins. Read More

Donald Trump Might Be In Real Trouble This Time

Donald Trump, the unsinkable candidate who seemed immune to political consequences while winning Republican presidential primaries month after month, now finds himself with an ailing campaign and a bad case of personal toxicity. Read More

Polls can't move fast enough to catch the Twitter-speed of Trump's nuttiness

The results are in: Donald Trump's modest post-convention bounce was wiped out by Hillary Clinton's larger post-convention bounce. Now practically all convention news has been wiped out by Trump's own erratic behavior. Read More

Trump’s path to victory depends on surge of white men

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump needs a surge of white working-class voters to beat Hillary Clinton in November. Read More

Trump Won't Let Go of Old Battles

Donald Trump can't let go of old feuds, and his pique at past criticism always seems to be just below the surface. Read More

Pence tries to win over conservatives despite Trump gaffes

Since his selection as Donald Trump's running mate, Mike Pence has tried to stay focused on winning over conservatives skeptical of the New York billionaire.

His new boss keeps getting in the way. Read More

Trump campaign spins a brutal week: This is fine 

There's plenty of time to make up ground, campaign chairman Paul Manafort says. Read More

Manafort on Trump: 'He’s going to support Paul Ryan'

Donald Trump’s campaign manager said “there’s conflict within the Trump campaign” over the Republican nominee not endorsing the House speaker, but that Trump will eventually support Paul Ryan in the election because his opponent won’t win the primary. Read More

GOP's long-simmering civil war breaks into the open

Donald Trump insisted to a packed audience in Florida Wednesday that the campaign has "never been so well united."

But behind the scenes, an all-out war between the party establishment and conservative base is breaking out -- in the halls of Congress, the fight for control of the Senate and in battleground states -- all threatening the GOP's chances of winning this fall. Read More

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