Thursday, August 04, 2016

2016 US Presidential Election: Clinton leads Trump in polls but Demos skeptical - UPDATED

New: Democrats wary of post-convention bounce

New polls that suggest Hillary Clinton has built a significant lead over Donald Trump in the wake of the Democratic convention are being viewed with skepticism by both the campaign and some key Clinton supporters.

Their concern? A belief that the numbers could dip -- and could lull voters into a false belief that her campaign doesn't need their support with the election still months away. Read More

New: 'Trump Is Cratering': New Polls Signal Deep Trouble for Republican Nominee

The Republican nominee's fall in the polls has been precipitous. Read More

Clinton's lead over Trump grows in new national polls

Hillary Clinton has widened her lead over Donald Trump in a pair of new national polls published on Thursday, as the Republican nominee ends one of the worst weeks of his campaign. Read More

Amid campaign turmoil, Trump allies urge him to get back on track

Supporters of Republican Donald Trump urged him to get back on message on Thursday after a week of dropping opinion poll numbers and a war of words with ranking Republicans over his U.S. presidential campaign. Read More

After delay, Pence endorses McCain, Ayotte

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence offered his support Thursday to Republican Sens. John McCain and Kelly Ayotte, days after his running mate, Donald Trump, refused to endorse the embattled Republican senators. Read More

Veterans call on McCain to dump Trump

A liberal group and a newly formed veterans’ organization attempted Thursday to put Republican Sen. John McCain in a political vise between GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump and the senator’s devotion to military service. Read More

Mini-Trump goes after Ryan in his own backyard

No one thinks the speaker's Trump-loving primary challenger can win on Tuesday, but he is forcing Ryan to respond. Read More

Obama on Iran payment: 'We do not pay ransom'

President Barack Obama on Thursday dismissed suggestions a $400 million payment to Iran amounted to a ransom paid in return for the release of American hostages. Read More

President Obama: The Election Will Not Be 'Rigged'

President Obama dismissed GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump's comment this week that the election may be "rigged" this year. Read More

Trump rebuffs Obama in late-night Twitter flurry

Donald Trump rejected President Barack Obama’s latest criticisms in yet another late night tweetstorm, doubling-down on his accusations of election tampering and terror funding. Read More

Trump vs. the Constitution: A Guide

It may be true that Donald Trump has read the Constitution. But it’s unclear if he understands it. Read More

How Donald Trump’s Clothes Reinforce His Campaign

Donald Trump’s choice of clothing on the trail echoes his campaign’s theme: America was great once—probably sometime in the mid 1980s—but it’s not any more, and I’m going to bring the old days back. Either by accident or by design, the Republican nominee dresses like a Reagan-era Wall Street mogul, and controversies over his menswear line have put an unusual focus on fashion in the election. Read More

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