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2016 US Presidential Election: Trump dividing Republican Party and America; alienating US allies

Meg Whitman, Calling Donald Trump a ‘Demagogue,’ Will Support Hillary Clinton for President

Meg Whitman, a Hewlett Packard executive and Republican fund-raiser, said Tuesday that she would support Hillary Clinton for president and give a “substantial” contribution to her campaign in order to stop Donald J. Trump, whom she berated as a threat to American democracy. Read More

Meg Whitman: I will vote for, and donate to, Hillary Clinton

Meg Whitman, a major GOP donor and former California gubernatorial candidate, said Tuesday she would support Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, making her one of the highest-profile Republican defections. Read More

Here’s One Really Good Reason Republicans Should Disavow Donald Trump

It could be hugely beneficial to them. Read More

Joe Scarborough: Donald Trump Repeatedly Asked Why We Couldn’t Use Nukes

If this is true, it’s truly shocking. Read More

Dear Donald Trump: Here is why we don’t simply nuke the Islamic State

Donald Trump's most infamous explanation of who guides his foreign policy thinking came during an interview with NBC's Chuck Todd last summer. Read More

Trump denies asking why nukes aren't used

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign denied a report on Wednesday that the Republican presidential nominee had three times asked a foreign policy adviser why the U.S. could not use its vast nuclear arsenal. Read More

Experts Say Trump's Muslim Ban Would Cripple Immigration System

A religious ban would be virtually impossible to implement and would cripple the current immigration system, according to more than 20 security and immigration officials surveyed by NBC News for a special report on how the proposal would actually work. Read More

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Called Donald Trump to Express Concerns About Campaign

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus called Donald Trump Tuesday to express frustration with the presidential candidate’s campaign and how he has handled his feud with the family of a slain Muslim American soldier, according to several party sources familiar with the conversation. Read More

The Daily 202: Paul Ryan's Trump dilemma has gotten much, much worse

The uncomfortable truce meant to keep the Republican Party united through Election Day is now hanging by the slimmest of threads. And all that is keeping the GOP from outright civil war is a raw political calculation from the party's self-styled guardian of conservative principles. Read More

Amid Republican backlash, Trump insists campaign is unified

Republican Donald Trump insisted on Wednesday that his White House campaign was unified, even as he faced a strong backlash from some in his party over his insistent criticism of the family of a dead American soldier. Read More
Trump's campaign may be "unified" but the Republican party is not
Donald Trump has wasted half of the general election with nothing to show for it

There are two slightly overlapping efforts to get Donald Trump elected. There's that of Trump and his team, and there's that of the Republican Party. One would not be surprised to learn that members of the latter — folks who've run and won campaigns in the past — are a bit panicky. Trump's indifference to annoying his ostensible party is one thing, but his failure to run any semblance of a campaign is another thing entirely. Read More

Republicans think Trump might quit — so they’re scrambling to find a replacement: ABC News

Republican officials are so angry at Donald Trump and his imploding campaign that they’re considering replacing him at the top of the ticket just two weeks after nominating him. Read More
Senior Republican party officials are indulging in wishful thinking. Trump believes what he is doing will win him the presidency. What should alarm Democrats and independents and Republicans opposed to Trump is that he may be right. Presidential elections are unpredictable.
Report: Senior Republican Officials ‘Clearly Think It’s a Possibility’ Trump Can Be Replaced

On Good Morning America Wednesday, ABC’s Jon Karl reported that senior officials in the GOP are now actively strategizing and having conversations about the process to replace Donald Trump atop the party’s ticket should he drop out. Read More

Trump Seems More the Result of a Shift Among White Men Than the Cause of It

Many people believe that Donald Trump is about to remake the Republican Party.

His unconventional appeal among alienated working-class and middle-class Americans who are drawn to populism, nativism and protectionism — most of whom are white — has led to speculation that he is not just reshaping the party but possibly even expanding it.

The party is changing, but data from this election and the previous two suggest that some of the changes have little to do with Mr. Trump expanding the party. Mr. Trump may instead be helping Hillary Clinton expand the Democratic Party, reshaping his own party by shrinking it. Read More

Donald Trump's strange campaign gets stranger

Donald Trump is testing just how far he can push his unconventional campaign without wrecking it.

The Republican nominee shattered traditional political boundaries Tuesday when he told The Washington Post he isn't backing House Speaker Paul Ryan or Sen. John McCain as they face primary challenges. The two leading Republicans seemingly angered Trump with their denunciation of his criticism of the family of a slain Muslim US soldier. Read More

Donald Trump’s Washington Post interview should make Republicans panic

Donald Trump sat down with WaPo’s Phil Rucker on Tuesday in Virginia for nearly an hour. The interview ranged all over the place — this is Trump after all — and showcased the Republican nominee at his most Trumpian. Using Genius, I annotated it. Read More

Trump Strategy: Win 3 Key States, and Warn About ‘Rigged’ Election

Each week, Nate Cohn, The Upshot’s elections analyst, based in Washington, and Toni Monkovic, an Upshot editor in New York, discuss the 2016 race and post a lightly edited transcript of their written exchange. Read More

Trump just said he has a secret plan to win. In reality, he has no strategy.

As you’ve already heard, Donald Trump conducted an extraordinarily provocative interview with the Washington Post in which he refused to endorse Paul Ryan and John McCain and doggedly defended his attacks on the Khan family. Trump’s comments spread further alarm among top Republicans, who are now (according to reports this morning) privately talking about deserting Trump en masse (though there’s good reason to be skeptical that will happen).

But now the full transcript of the interview is up, and I wanted to highlight another revealing tidbit, in which Trump essentially said he has a plan to win the presidency by putting unidentified states in play, and he isn’t going to reveal which states they are because he doesn’t want to tip his hand. Read More

For Trump, a new ‘rigged’ system: The election itself

Donald Trump, trailing narrowly in presidential polls, has issued a warning to worried Republican voters: The election will be “rigged” against him — and he could lose as a result. Read More

Fact check: Trump’s faulty reasoning on ‘rigged’ election

Donald Trump said he’s worried about a “rigged” general election, citing “precincts where there were practically nobody voting for the Republican” in 2012. Voting experts said such outcomes in certain urban districts were entirely plausible given the demographics. Read More

A Trump Victory Is a Scary Thought. A Disputed Loss Might Be Scarier.

Why his “rigged” comments are so corrosive and dangerous. Read More

Trump U Judge Rules Against Trump: ‘Genuine Issue’ Whether He ‘Knowingly Participated’ in Fraud Scheme

Late Tuesday afternoon, Federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel denied Donald Trump’s motion for summary judgment in the Trump University case, finding instead that there is enough evidence to move forward with the case. The class action lawsuit alleges that Trump University defrauded students out of thousands of dollars. Read More

Hollande Says Trump Excesses in U.S. Elections Make Him Sick

French President Francois Hollande expressed extreme revulsion at Donald Trump’s “excesses” in the U.S. presidential campaign and warned against the authoritarian tone adopted by the Republican nominee and billionaire reality-television celebrity. Read More

'People feel nauseous': French president launches extraordinary attack on Trump and warns of 'consequences' if he wins the White House - after Obama brands him 'unfit for office'

French President Francois Hollande said on Tuesday a victory by U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump could make politics more conservative around the world and said the real estate magnate made people 'feel nauseous'.

A Trump victory in November could also affect France's presidential election in the spring of 2017, said Hollande, who has not yet announced if he will seek re-election. Read More

France’s President Says Trump’s ‘Excesses’ Make People ‘Want to Retch’

President François Hollande of France has said that the “excesses” of Donald J. Trump made people “want to retch,” adding a scathing international voice to the chorus of those criticizing the Republican presidential nominee. Read More

Trump ‘makes you want to retch,’ says French President Hollande

The idea of Donald Trump becoming U.S. president would not bode well for France, it emerged on Tuesday when French President François Hollande called the candidate's behavior "sickening." Read More

Trump makes 'you want to retch', says Hollande

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump makes "you want to retch", French leader Francois Hollande said Tuesday, as he added his voice to a barrage of scathing criticism of the White House hopeful. Read More
"'Democracy is also at stake, as we see more and more people tempted by authoritarianism,' Hollande said, 'especially" in the US.'

'Should the American people choose Trump, there will be consequences, because a US election is a global election,' he added." AFP
Trump Whispers Another Curse Word Into Mic at Rally

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump let another curse word slip through his poorly-calibrated internal censorship software. Read More

Why Clinton Is Talking About Trump's Temperament, Not His Tax Plans

Trump's character assaults on Hillary Clinton may be his only speed when campaigning, but for Clinton and her allies, the decision is more strategic. Read More

Trump's Mental State Is Becoming a Campaign Talking Point

As Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's verbal gaffes have mounted and his penchant for lashing out at his political opponents has continued to escalate, it's become in vogue for critics to earnestly raise questions about Trump's temperament and his mental stability. Read More

How Clinton Could Knock Trump Out

Maybe I just missed it. But in all the testimonials at the Democratic convention about what Hillary Clinton has done for other people, I don’t recall anyone saying, “I started a business because of Hillary Clinton.” Or, “I hired someone because of Hillary Clinton.” Read More

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