Tuesday, August 09, 2016

And Now for Something Different: "10 'First Impressions' Done Well in Churches' and More

10 "First Impressions" Done Well in Churches

We usually get only one shot to positively capture the attention of guests visiting our church. Here are 10 things I’ve seen churches do well in their “First Impressions” ministry. Read More

5 Church Growth Principles From the Apostle Paul

“Paul flexed his approach toward those he was evangelizing. With Jews he used one approach, and with Gentiles another.” Read More

Creating an Evangelism Culture – Peyton Jones on Planting Churches for Unchurched People [Podcast]

Peyton Jones is a self-described serial church planter with a heart for evangelism. From being beat up for the sake of the Gospel, to starting a church at a Starbucks, to coaching leaders on reaching the most unreached people in Western culture, Peyton shares his never boring story. Listen Now

When The Church Becomes Complicit In Sin: Lessons On Preventing and Combating Sexual Abuse

God wants those institutions that bear His name to be holy in the secret places. Only then are they truly His. Read More

Why Satan Is So Skillful at Tempting Us to Sin

Satan is a formidable foe. He opposes all those who are created in the image of God and is bent on their complete and utter destruction. What makes Satan so skillful at tempting us to sin? In his little book Fighting Satan, Joel Beeke offers 6 reasons. Read More

4 Ways Confrontation Must Happen in Christian Community

The safety of people is way too important to shrug off saying something, to delay addressing an issue. The same must be true in community that is Christian. Read More

12 Tweetable Leadership Principles

Here are 12 random leadership axioms in less than 140 characters each. Read More

Why We Project the Scripture Readings

Earlier this year, my church began projecting the text of our scripture readings on Sundays. In our Anglican service, we have at least two readings from Scripture at each service. There are Bibles in the pews, and most people can now access a Bible on their own phone/tablet, so why project the Scripture text too?

We have at least four reasons. Read More

The top 3 ways Christians can get prayer wrong

Here are some of the things we need to be careful about with prayer. Read More

God Is Sovereign; We Are Responsible: Thoughts on Keeping Kids Safe

Do you mind if I start by saying that I don't know? I don't have the answers to my own questions. I don't understand how God is perfectly sovereign over the lives and safety of my six child-gifts—how He watches over each one of their numbered hairs and gives them each breath they take—and yet I bear a great responsibility in doing what I can to keep them safe. Read More

How the Reformation Sparked Evangelism [Video]

What comes to mind when you think of the Reformation? Most of us probably think of leaders like Martin Luther and John Calvin, or the “five solas” summarizing the theological convictions of the movement.

I imagine few of us, though, think about the Reformation’s massive effect on evangelism. Watch Now

ISIS threatens West Indies

The Bishop of Trinidad has asked the parishes in his West Indian diocese to move forward their annual parish meetings to August from September, in light of threats made by local ISIS supporters against the church. Read More

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