Thursday, August 04, 2016

And Now for Something Different: "Three Steps to Stop Wasting Your Life" and More

Three Steps to Stop Wasting Your Life

God doesn’t want us to veer off the path into disobedience or into a wasted life or into anything that would dishonor him. Read More

4 Ways the World Will Pressure You to Conform

Akin lays out four ways in which the Babylonian empire sought to bring the Jewish exiles in line with their pagan ways. These strategies show us how the world, in every era, can pressure Christians to conform. Read More

Ministering to Addicts

As the family of God, we must not give up on those who struggle with addictions as we depend on the transforming and renewing work of the Holy Spirit through the gospel of Jesus Christ, who has overcome the world. Read More

Don’t Write It Off As Law

We ought not to be too hasty in labeling everything 'Law' for fear that it may contradict the balm of grace. Don't write off the commandments of God as being somehow anti-grace and, therefore, anti-gospel. Read More

Have You Met Augustine the Evangelist?

The image of Augustine as a pastor delivering evangelistic sermons doesn’t fit our mold. But the mountain of sermons he left shows the centrality of his preaching ministry. He preached four to five times every week. Imagine the energy this practice required. And his sermons reveal the kind of preacher he was, too—a passionate herald of the gospel of Christ. Read More

7 Words of Wisdom for Church Planters – and Other Ministry Leaders

Some of these were given to me by others. Some were learned firsthand by experience. Read More

Church, Believe in Young Leaders

God delights in using the weak and vulnerable to exert His power (Psalm 8:2). God is not attracted to those who believe they are strong and wise but to those who understand they are weak and foolish, those who know they need His power and grace. In both the Scripture and Church history, we see God greatly using the young to accomplish His purposes. Read More

10 Signs You’re Just a Jerk…Not A Leader

Leaders who become jerks not only destroy others, they ultimately destroy themselves. Read More

How Can You Get a Mentor?

I often hear from Christians who want to find a mentor, but aren’t sure how to go about that. Often these believers know they would benefit from this kind of relationship, but they don’t know how it starts or what they should be doing. Here is some guidance on finding a mentor. Read More

10 Ways for Pastors to Continue Learning

In addition to growing in the knowledge of God through reading Scripture, here are 10 ways a pastor may stay sharp after seminary. Read More

Four Reasons to Pray for Your Pastor Daily

There are many Biblical reasons why we should pray for our pastors, but let us consider just these four. Read More

Five Ways Churches Can Use Instagram Stories

Many of your churches already have an Instagram account. Now you have even more opportunities to tell your story to those who follow you online. Here are a few ways to use Instagram Stories at your church. Read More

The Dinner Table Taboo Americans Would Rather Break

Who wants to talk politics vs. religion, and whether they have more to share or learn. Read More

Number of Christians in Myanmar growing in spite of threats from nationalist Buddhists

The Christian population of the Buddhist country Myanmar has increased by nearly one third in three decades, new figures reveal. Read More

Rape, murder, assault. What Christians in India face on an almost daily basis

Anti-Christian violence in India has surged to an "alarming level" according to the latest report from World Watch Monitor, with more than 30 attacks a month. Read More

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