Tuesday, August 02, 2016

And Now for Something Different: "What to do When You Are in a Spiritual Dry Spell" and More

What to do When You Are in a Spiritual Dry Spell

What can Christians walking through a spiritual dry spell do to begin to regain the joy of their walk with Christ? Read More

Yes Christian, You Need the Church

t happens to be one of the more popular traps along the journey of faith—the idea that somewhere along the path of righteousness we somehow outgrow our need for the church. Perhaps you’ve met someone who was too busy for the church. Maybe you’ve encouraged someone who thought they were too important for the church. What was once the central aspect of their life has now turned into an occasional hobby. We all need a healthy reminder from time-to-time that we need the church in all seasons and successes of life. Read More

What Smaller Church Pastors Really Need and Why – An Interview with 200 Churches’ Jeff Keady and Jonny Craig [Podcast] 

Only a small percentage of churches ever grow past 200 attenders.

Enter Jeff Keady and Jonny Craig, whose podcast and blog, 200churches.com, is a resource to small church pastors everywhere. Jeff, Jonny and I discuss what small church pastors really need, and why. Listen Now

10 Things You Should Know about General Revelation

Because of our focus on the inspiration and inerrancy of God’s written revelation, the Bible (i.e., Special Revelation), we often tend to ignore the other ways in which God has made himself known more generally to all mankind. Theologians call this General Revelation. What is it and why is it important that we understand what is meant by it? Read More

3 Reasons Some Churches Struggle to Empower Younger Leaders

Intuitively church folks know that their churches must empower younger leaders. Simply stated, if a church fails to engage new generations, the church will eventually die. Yet while people know a church must empower younger leaders, some churches struggle to do so. They struggle to hand significant responsibility to younger leaders, to empower younger leaders to launch new initiatives, and to joyfully allow themselves to be led by a new generation. In churches that struggle to empower younger leaders, these three cultural realities exist. Read More

7 Dangers of Leading in Isolation

Leading in isolation is displayed in numerous ways to the detriment of the church or organization. Read More

9 Ways to Re-Ignite Your Preaching Ministry This Week

Even those of us who love to preach sometimes lose our passion for the work, even if it’s for only a few weeks. If you’ve lost some of your passion for preaching the Word, maybe these simple steps will help light your fire again this week. Read More

The Lord's Supper Is a Rehearsal Dinner

When we partake in communion, we're practicing for something big. Read More

The Importance of Our Devotional Lives

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While I prefer to start most mornings with my standard three eggs scrambled and a cup of coffee, I must respectfully disagree with this popular sentiment. The single most critical meal you and I should consume on a daily basis consists of a focused time with God in His Word and in prayer (Ps. 1:1–2). Read More
Reading the Bible and meditating upon its passages is also a whole lot healthier than eating three eggs for breakfast.
Developing a Missional Response to Seismic Shifts in the Church

t’s time to stop holding on to yesteryear and start looking for ways to introduce Jesus to our dark world. Read More

Wayne Grudem says Trump is 'morally good choice' – but is he right?

Wayne Grudem, the theologian and ethicist whose writings have provided the intellectual grounding for a generation of highly conservative evangelicals, came out last week with a startling endorsement of Donald Trump. Startling, because while Trump has garned the backed of some senior evangelical leaders – certainly more than Hillary Clinton – they have not been falling over themselves with enthusiasm for him. One the contrary, one of their most respected figures, Russell Moore, has been resolute in maintaining his utter scorn for Trump's candidacy. Read More
It is worthy of note that prior to his endorsement of Donald Trump Wayne Grudem came under fire from his fellow evangelicals for his unorthodox position on the Trinity.
Pope Francis takes step towards ordination of women in the Catholic Church

The Roman Catholic Church took the first tentative steps towards women's ordination today when Pope Francis announced a new commission to look at the possibility of women deacons. Read More

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