Thursday, August 11, 2016

And Now for Something Different: "Organize Your Church on Purpose, Around Giftedness" and More

Organize Your Church on Purpose, Around Giftedness

Structure doesn’t cause growth; the structure of your church determines how fast you’ll grow and the size to which you’ll grow. There is no clear organizational structure in the New Testament, and I think God did that intentionally so the Church can adapt to different stages, ages, and cultures. God gives us broad principles and not narrow rules. There is no perfect structure.

As we study Scripture, we learn two general principles about organizing and structuring for growth. First, God wants us to organize around the purposes for which he created the Church. And, second, God wants us to organize around the gifts of our members. Purpose and giftedness determine how you should organize your church.

Here are some advantages to a simple, gift-based structure. Read More

Meeting People’s Four Deepest Needs

After salvation, a fulfilled life is one where four basic needs are met. God has uniquely called the Body of Christ to meet those needs. In this issue of Toolbox, I’ll share those four needs and how the church is best equipped to meet them. Read More

Exclusive Video Premiere: Churches Take on the Billion-Dollar Industry Making the Poor Poorer [Video]

When the state government did nothing, Texas churches stepped up to fight for change in their local communities. Watch Now

Is It Time for a Pivot from National Politics? [Podcast]

Just lending advocate Stephen K. Reeves on why more Christians should channel their frustration with national politics into engaging their local officials. Listen Now

Texas Pastor: Payday Loan Reform Isn't a Distraction. It's a Christian Duty

Here's how your church can make it happen. Read More

When God's Timing Is Not Our Own

Often our schedule and God's seem out of sync. He acts earlier than we had expected, or later than we had hoped, or when it seems most awkward and inconvenient. The result is that sometimes we are impatient with God or choose to act impetuously, while on other occasions we are lazy and inactive. Read More

7 Easy Risks You Can Take Today If Too Scared to Risk More

Small victories over fear can easily become larger ones because like any good muscle, the more you practice overcoming your fears, the more fear you can overcome. Read More

Wendell Berry and the Revitalized Pastor

Berry recommends four practices that sustain the nurturing way of life: memory, discipline, hope, and affection. Read More

All Effective Pastors Share This Leadership Attribute

William Vanderbloemen: “Nobody is a perfect leader, but there is one thing that all successful pastors have in common.” Read More

10 Reflections on Teaching and Preaching God's Word This Weekend

Just thinking out loud on behalf of all of us who will be preaching and/or teaching God’s Word this weekend.... Read More

Help Me Teach the Bible: Trevin Wax on Gospel-Centered Teaching [Audio]

On this episode of Help Me Teach the Bible, I sat down with Trevin Wax—writer, TGC blogger, Religion New Service contributor, and managing editor of The Gospel Project, a gospel-centered small group curriculum for all ages published by LifeWay Christian Resources. Wax presents the three questions every teacher needs to ask when preparing to teach as well as what makes teaching genuinely gospel-centered according to his book, Gospel-Centered Teaching: Showing Christ in All the Scripture. Listen Now

Three Essential Elements of a Church Communication Plan

Regardless of your staffing structure or size, church communications can be done effectively and strategically if you consider the perspective of your audience. Church communication isn’t for the benefit of the church; it’s for the benefit of members and guests. So when considering what to say, when to say it, and which channel to use, keep in mind these three essential elements. Read More

Can Evangelism Emerge From The Next Generation?

It’s time to stop expecting millennials to show apathy to the call of evangelism, and train them to rise up to the call. Read More

Religious freedom severely restricted for 75 per cent of global population

Three-quarters of the world's population suffer from severe restrictions on religious freedom, the US State Department said on Wednesday. Read More

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