Monday, August 15, 2016

Further Hints on How to Follow the Unfolding Events of US Presidential Election on the Internet - UPDATED

Google News follows the pattern of broadcast news, which usually has a morning, noon, late afternoon, and evening broadcast. New articles are likely to be posted around these times of the day. It also has its equivalent of talk shows that discuss the events of the day. It is almost 5:45 PM CT here in the United States--a good time to check the Internet for new articles like these articles:

Why Trump's immigration ideas won't work
Analysis: Making Sense of Donald Trump's Disjointed Foreign Policy Pitch
In terror talk, Trump sticks to script but offers few prescriptive details
Why plenty of Donald Trump supporters will believe that Hillary Clinton stole the election
Donald Trump’s top spokeswoman, Katrina Pierson, is saying some very strange things
A new poll gives the lie to Donald Trump’s least-believable campaign argument

A check at the Internet at 10:00 PM CT (US) produces these articles:

Trump's half-baked plans to combat ISIS
Here's what would have to happen to replace Trump on GOP ticket

And at 11:53 PM CT (US) these articles:

Clinton team questions Trump's aides Russian ties
5 Things You Need to Know About Paul Manafort Trump aide's name surfaces in Ukraine corruption probe
Trump aide 'paid $12m by pro-Kremlin Ukrainian leader'
Donald Trump plots strategy on ISIS -- and campaign revival
Donald Trump’s alarming ideas on terrorism
What's new in Trump's foreign-policy speech isn't good
Fact-Checking Donald Trump's Foreign Policy Speech
Trump Cribs War Plan from ISIS ‘Founder’
Trump Says He Would Ally With Russia in Anti-ISIS Campaign

And at 1:33 AM CT (US) this article:

FACT CHECK: Trump gets his Mideast history wrong

Sometimes refreshing the page will produce new articles.

You may have to do more searching for articles on Hilary Clinton and the minority party candidates than you will those on Donald Trump who receives far more free media coverage than his opponents in the presidential race.

Warning: It is addictive!

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