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On the Net: "10 things EVERY church member should know" and More

10 things EVERY church member should know

Are you a member of a church? Then this article is for you! As a church minister (pastor / presbyter / Rector – call it what you will) I love the members of my congregations dearly, and have done in all the fellowships I have served. But sometimes I think: I wish everyone could get some simple things clear – it would make so much difference! Read More

Twelve Steps to Regain Meaningful Membership

Here is a suggested 12-step recovery plan for pastors to regain meaningful church membership. Read More

4 Types of People Leaders Must Not Listen To

Wise leaders listen to wise people. Because the people we listen to impact our decisions, our attitudes, and our perceptions, it is critical that we listen to the right people. A leader who listens to the wrong people is just as foolish as a leader who doesn’t listen at all. Here are four types of people leaders must not listen to. Read More

5 Mature Ways for a Leader to Respond Under Stress

Every organization and team has times where everyone is stretched, stress abounds, and even times where it seems things are going backwards for a while. It could be a crisis or an exceptionally busy season. It could be internal or external issues causing the stressful times. During these seasons good leadership is more critical than ever. Read More

7 Simple but Effective Strategies to Get You Through a Bad Day

How do you deal with a bad day? Read More

Are You a Discouraged Pastor?

Like any other line of work preachers can find themselves discouraged. Wondering if what they are doing really matters and if they are making a difference, pastors often resort to unhealthy evaluations of their ministries. Worldly evaluations of success can distort a pastor’s expectations and crush their joy. Read More

Preach the Word

Every season of reformation and every hour of spiritual awakening has been ushered in by a recovery of biblical preaching. This cause and effect is timeless and inseparable. J.H. Merle D’Aubigné, noted Reformation historian, writes, “The only true reformation is that which emanates from the Word of God.” That is to say, as the pulpit goes, so goes the church. Read More

1,000 Languages: YouVersion Bible App Sets New Record

“Thanks to the generosity of our partners, we’re pleased to announce that language No. 1,000 has come to the Bible App.” Read More

10 Reflections after 42 Years of Following Christ

It was 42 years ago today that God saved me. It was, in fact, the first time I attended church. I went because a seventh-grade classmate had hounded me about Christ, and I thought going once would get him off my back. Little did I know, though, that God was up to something in my life. He saved me and so clearly called me to preach that day that my entire life changed. Since that time, here are some things I’ve learned. Read More

3 dangers of laziness according to the Bible

To help us understand how serious a matter laziness is and to motivate us not to be lazy, here are some of the dangers posed by laziness – according to the Bible. Read More

Who Gets to Count That Convert?

Partnerships between missions groups complicate the metrics. Read More

Are We Talking Past Each Other? 3 Tips For Talking Faith With Friends & Neighbors

It is past time we return to the basics if we are to relate to those around us in a way they will understand who God is and what it means to follow Him. Read More

Is Violent Resistance Everan Option for Christians

The best choice for Christians who believe that their government is engaged in immoral or tyrannical acts is either exercising political influence (voting, petitioning, etc.), or engaging in nonviolent resistance. The tactics of the mainstream Civil Rights movement in the 1960s are the preeminent example of the latter approach. Read More

Christians asked to pray hard to counter planned Satanic activity in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma City in the United States, a battle between good and evil is taking place, literally. Read More
Without invoking the Blessed Virgin Mary, Anglican and other Protestant churches may wish to join their prayers to those of their Roman Catholic brethren.
African Churches urged not to be distracted by Western progressives

The secretary general of the Anglican Communion, Dr Josiah Idowu-Fearon, has urged Anglican leaders in Africa not to “fall in line” with “socially progressive” views and programmes “which suggest that the Bible is wrong”. Speaking to members of the Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa (CAPA) during their meeting in Rwanda, Dr Idowu-Fearon said that the Church “will not crumble or bow the knee to a godless secular culture that despises the Bible and what it teaches” and urged the Churches in Africa to remain focused on serving the people of the continent. Read More

Muslim children embrace Christ — only to be beaten up and cast out as 'infidels' by their own families

In this African country, even children who turn to Jesus Christ are punished as severely as adults, with their parents as the culprits. Read More
They need our prayers too.

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