Thursday, August 25, 2016

On the Net: "5 Reasons Church Growth Strategies Matter" and More

5 Reasons Church Growth Strategies Matter

I start with some caveats today. First, I understand that the words “church growth” carry baggage of American pragmatism and a watered-down gospel; so, I’m careful in using that descriptor. Second, I want everything we do as a church to be thoroughly biblical. Thus, I am not arguing for anything that lacks a biblical foundation. At the same time, though, I do think that strategizing for church growth has merit. Here’s why. Read More

5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Congregation Is Insider-Focused

How do you know whether your church is focused on insiders? Read More

5 Ways Your Church Can Help Louisiana Flood Victims

Some opportunities for you and your church to jump in and help those who have been affected by the floods in Louisiana. Read More

Revelation 2: Has the church lost its first love?

If we are not listening to Christ, then we will not be able to communicate him to the world. Read More

Aliens for neighbours? How the discovery of a new planet challenges Christians

Mark Woods examines how the discovery of Proxima b, four light years from our solar system, challenges Christians. Read More

The Long Road to Building Israel's First Post-Statehood Church

Despite fierce opposition, these Israeli Christians are making history with their new home. Read More

The Intellectual Roots of the Sexual Revolution

n retrospect, the postmodern age was not a new age at all; it was only the alarm that announced the end of modernity and the beginning of the late modern age. Modernity has not disappeared. It has only grown stronger, if also more complex. Read More

5 Suggestions When Firing Someone in Ministry

Making this difficult decision has many times proven best for all parties involved, but admittedly, getting to the point of release is sometimes a most difficult process. Read More

Pastoral Ministry Does Not Have to Be Sedentary

In this article Erik Raymond highlights several practices that he has found helpful in his ministry to combat a common problem of being a pastor - sedentariness. Read More

3 Reasons Your Church Must Care About Groups This Fall

The people in your church will be much more influenced by a group of people than they will be by one person, by even one pastor. While a pastor can make a significant impact on a person’s life, the impact of a group is much more sustainable and reproducible. Read More

Bible study method that helps small groups really work

There's a way of running a Bible study which minimises the risk that it will go sour, and lets everyone contribute on the same level, no matter how much or how little they know. Read More
Also See: The Swedish Method
Is it safe to have secret sins?

The Bible tells us that sins are dangerous, whatever they may be. Read More

7 Dangers of Embracing Mere Theraputic Forgiveness

There is a difference between the posture of forgiveness and actually living in reconciliation with someone. Read More

Why are Americans leaving the church? Loss of faith, says new study

The most common reason for leaving church is a loss of faith, according to new research. Read More

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