Tuesday, August 30, 2016

On the Net: "8 Findings about Churches Needing Revitalization" and More

The Mission Field
8 Findings about Churches Needing Revitalization

It’s no secret that many churches—if not the majority—in North America need revitalization. Here are some summary findings of churches I have worked with and studied over the past twenty years. Read More

6 Terrible Ways to Recruit Volunteers

Thom Rainer: “How you recruit ministry volunteers will make an incredible difference, for good or bad, in your church.” Read More

Why You Should Not Wear a Crucifix

J.I. Packer once addressed the issue of the crucifix, and addressed it well. Read More

10 Things You Should Know about Male Headship

In the on-going dialogue (debate!) between complementarians and egalitarians, there is considerable confusion about the meaning of male headship. So today we look at 10 things we should know about headship. Read More

Recovery After Disaster: Lessons From Katrina For Today

It's been 11 years since Hurricane Katrina. And there is still much we can learn from that disaster. Read More

3 Ways to Ensure Your Message Is Not Heard

The most important characteristic in effective communication and effective leadership is credibility. Incredible passion cannot overcome a lack of credibility. Sound logic, as important as it is, will not compensate for a lack of credibility. Just as people are unable to follow a leader they cannot believe or trust, a message will not be heard when it is delivered by someone who lacks credibility. Here are three ways communicators lose credibility. Read More

Keys to Multi-Generational Worship Ministry [Podcast]

Mike Harland joins Thom Rainer and Jonathan Howe to discuss worship in the church and how multiple styles can segregate generations within a local community of faith. Watch Now

Breakaway move by CofE churches over homosexuality welcomed by Gafcon

The Global Anglican Future Conference, Gafcon, has welcomed the initiative by nearly a dozen churches in the Church of England to align with the conservative coalition in opposition to gay marriage. Read More

Churches must take measures against possible terror attacks, warns security expert

Thousands of churches throughout the country are being urged to take security measures against the possibility of a terror attack or other anti-Christian hate crime. Read More
In North America churches face the possibility of terror attacks not only from homegrown Islamic jihadists but also from white supremacists, and other extremist groups.

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