Monday, August 29, 2016

On the Net: "8 Reasons Every Church Is Messy" and Much More

The Mission Field
8 Reasons Every Church Is Messy

Maybe you had a tough day at church yesterday. Or, perhaps you had a great day, but you also know that a hard day is always a possibility. Tough days in ministry – even days that make you want to quit – shouldn’t surprise you, though. The fact is that every church is messy. Here’s why. Read More

5 Areas I Micromanaged in Church Revitalization

Sometimes we have to manage closely. Read More

We Followed the Steps – Where’s the Church Growth?

There are no guaranteed steps to church growth. Because the church is people. And people don’t come with guarantees. Read More

5 Things Megachurches Get Right

Phil Cooke: “Size doesn’t make for bad experiences—people do. And I have yet to find a church without people. Read More

What We Can Learn From The Black Church When We Are Pushed To The Margins

The powerful, painful history of the Black Church has much to teach us as our culture continues to push the church to the margins of society. Read More

7 Fresh Ways To Get Over Your Fear of Talking About Money In Church

Pastors who refuse to talk about money can leave both their churches and their people broke. Read More

4 Essential Leadership Practices in Ministry

I recently spoke to a group of “emerging leaders,” and was asked to speak about essential leadership practices—areas of leadership where ministry leaders must continually focus. There are at least four essential leadership practices that transcend a role on a local church staff. Regardless of the ministry role, whether leading as senior pastor or in kid’s ministry, student ministry, worship ministry, or missions, these four leadership practices are essential. Read More

What Is Experiential Preaching?

Experiential (or “experimental”) preaching addresses the vital matter of how a Christian experiences the truth of Christian doctrine in his life. Read More

Is the Bible trustworthy or has it been changed?

Can we really trust the Bible's text? Read More

Bring Back the Church Prayer Meeting

One of the best ways we can match the hearts of others is by praying with them. Read More

Eight Trends Where Churches Are Moving Virtually

Let’s look at eight key trends in virtual workers in the church. We provide one key service provider for each category. Some of them have affiliate or sponsor relationships with us, but we believe in the quality work of all of them. Read More

3 distractions that create distance between us and God, and how to combat them

Regardless of how strong our faith is and where we're on our spiritual journey, we can all be at risk of having distractions interfere with our faith and cloud our vision of God at work in our lives. Read More

Why it's too soon to write off the Church in Europe

Exciting things are already happening in the Church across Europe. Read More

Anglicans consider new synod to oppose gay marriage

Nearly a dozen evangelical churches in the Church of England that oppose gay marriage are to align themselves with the world's leading conservative Anglican coalition. Read More

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