Wednesday, August 31, 2016

On the Net: "Am I Called To Be A Church Planter?" and Much More

The Mission Field
Am I Called To Be A Church Planter?

Regardless of if we are called specifically to be church planters, all of us are called to be ABOUT church planting. Read More

How to Stay Healthy While Pastoring an Unhealthy Church

Hurting churches hurt people. Including pastors who try to help them. Here are 9 principles to help you stay strong. Read More

The Complementarian Women Behind the Trinity Tussle

For complementarian women, the debate was more than abstract. Read More

What Does “Give Us this Day Our Daily Bread” Mean?

This petition of the Lord’s Prayer, then, teaches us to come to God in a spirit of humble dependence, asking Him to provide what we need and to sustain us from day to day. We are not given license to ask for great riches, but we are encouraged to make our needs known to Him, trusting that He will provide. Read More

5 Characteristics of an Antiquated Leader

Are you becoming antique? Read More

3 Keys to a Compelling Leadership Culture

“When others say your standards are too high, that’s when they are just high enough.” Read More

3 Essentials for Leadership Development

Churches who consistently develop and deploy leaders have a strong conviction to develop leaders, a healthy culture for leadership development, and helpful constructs to systematically and intentionally build leaders. Read More

Fifteen Reasons Why Your Pastor Should Not Visit Much

Thom Rainer gives 15 reasons why the pastor should not be the chief visitor in the church. Read More

10 Public Speaking Tips from Charles Spurgeon

What was Spurgeon’s secret? How did the “Prince of Preachers” master the art of public speaking? Here are ten tips from Spurgeon’s lecture “On the Voice” (Lectures to My Students 11:117-135). Read More

Preacher’s Toolkit: What Do I Say at a Funeral for a Person I Didn’t Know?

How do you approach it? Here are five things I’ve learned from conducting such funerals. Read More

How Do You Pray in Public, Without Performing?

Christian leaders are to lead their people in prayer publicly out loud, not just in a closet. And everyone who prays in public, whether in a group of six or six hundred or six thousand must face the question of selfish motivation. Read More

Why Church Leaders Need to Invest in Collegiate Ministry

I don’t know the location of your church, but I suspect you have a college or university within driving distance of your church. You might have college students in your church every week. I've previously written about why churches must reach college students, but I’m writing this post to challenge church leaders specifically to intentionally invest in them. If you take that step, here’s what you will bring to your church. Read More

Quarter of US teens read the Bible at least 4 times a week

A quarter of American teenagers read the Bible four or more times a week, according to new research which also shows that 86 per cent of the age-group regard the Bible as sacred literature. Read More

Teens Read Bible More During the School Year

The latest study from Barna also shows how many teens think the Bible offers hope, and whether their house rules are influenced by Scripture. Read More

Minnesota Churches Provide Food-Filled Backpacks for Kids in Need

Churches partner to provide backpacks full of food for children in need to take home each weekend during the school year. Read More

What Can the Trinity Teach Us About Evangelism?

“Trust is crucial. If we’re going to share our faith with integrity, we have to stand on a foundation of trust.” Read More
Also see: BLESS: A 5-Step Path to Relational Evangelism
Russell Moore warns politics has become a religion for evangelicals

Politics has become a religion and a source of identity to evangelicals, Russell Moore lamented over the weekend, as he warned that the witness of evangelicalism was at risk. Read More

Leading conservative Anglican says Church of England must split to stop 'contagious' gay marriage

A prominent conservative Anglican group has issued an unprecedented call for the Church of England to split over the issue of gay marriage. Read More

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