Thursday, August 18, 2016

On the Net: "The Missing Heart of Our Gospel: Union with Christ" and Much More

The Mission Field
The Missing Heart of Our Gospel: Union with Christ

Pastor and author Rankin Wilbourne explains why this biblical doctrine is so important for every Christian. Read More

How God Saved Me from the Prosperity Gospel

To kick off this distribution effort, we want to share an amazing testimony from a Kenyan pastor whom God rescued from prosperity teaching. Please join us in exposing this dangerous error through your prayers and by taking this resource to church leaders around the globe. Read More

8 Experiences All Church Leaders Need

I believe in leadership training. In fact, I teach D.Min. and Ph.D. courses in Christian leadership at Southeastern Seminary. From the gospel of Mark, though, here are eight experiences all Christian leaders need even apart from educational training. Read More

6 Ways to Smash the Approval Idol

What’s a chronic people pleaser to do? Here are six ways I’m still learning to fight the idol of approval. Read More

3 Reasons You MUST Regularly Think About Succession

“Who is showing that he/she would be ready to move into your role if something happened to you?” Read More

7 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block and Eliminate Boring Sermons

Preachers, if you’re bored by your message, it’s a virtual guarantee your audience will be as well. Read More

Releasing God's Word: Do Copyrights Help or Hurt Bible Translation?

Experts debate whether laws protect Scripture or restrict its spread. Read More

Crowd-sourcing Bibles: how publishers are helping churches, street pastors and the homeless

Churches, homeless missions, street pastors, food banks and other organisations that want to raise money for new Bibles can use a new crowd-sourcing website designed by the leading Christian publisher of New International Version (NIV) Bibles, Hodder Faith. Read More

The Importance of Our Devotional Lives

The Bible is filled with rich motives for making our devotional lives a priority, but for brevity’s sake, allow me to remind you of three. Read More

Starting university this year? 4 tips for staying close to God

Once you've got your acceptance letter, there can be loads to think about. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for that next step. Read More

Every Youth Ministry Should Do These 4 Things

“Regardless to how large or small your youth ministry is, there are four practical things you should be doing.” Read More

Evangelism in Post-Christian Western Europe: Six Insights

What can American Evangelicals learn from their European counterparts in regards to evangelism? Read More

Six Keys to Engaging Church Communications

Engagement is most successful when you start with the goals of your communication in mind and work backwards: consider the desired result, decide the best platform to reach your goal, and word your message accordingly. This can be seen more fully in these six strategic steps. Read More

Same-Sex Couples More Likely to Ask Presbyterian Pastors to Marry Them

More pastors are open to LGBT people serving in their churches than being married there, LifeWay finds. Read More

Why are Kenyan churches and mosques being painted yellow?

Churches and mosques in Nairobi are being painted a vibrant shade of yellow to demonstrate a "shared humanity" and highlight that there is more that unites people of different faiths than divides them. Read More

Nigeria: Fulani herdsmen kill 10 in Christian-majority area

Ten people were killed in a Christian-majority area of Kaduna state, Nigeria, on Tuesday, the latest in a string of attacks by Fulani herdsmen. Read More

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