Friday, August 19, 2016

On the Net: "The Heart of a Level 5 Church: Radical Discipleship" and More

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The Heart of a Level 5 Church: Radical Discipleship

Radical discipleship is both father and mother to any exponential church multiplication movement. So what is a radical disciple? Read More

Ralph Moore Podcast on Level 5 Multiplication

“Ralph Moore no longer knows how to operate without starting new churches on a consistent basis. He and his congregations have grown accustomed to the chaos, shifting, sending, and cost involved with such a movement. Even more than being accustomed to it – they like it.” Listen Now

If Your Church Is to Thrive, It Must Grow Young. Here’s How

Churches are shrinking. Churches are aging. But that’s not the way it has to be. Read More

4 Proven Strategies for the Care and Treatment of an Unhealthy Church

Unhealthy churches aren’t like healthy ones. Acting as though they are doesn’t help them, it hurts them. Read More

What Healthy Churches Will Look Like in Ten Years - Rainer on Leadership [Podcast]

Healthy churches of tomorrow will likely reflect these characteristics. Listen Now

10 Simple Ways to Increase Your Church Attendance This Weekend

Want some simple ways to increase your church’s attendance this weekend? Consider these possibilities. Read More

5 Mistakes Pastors Make in Reaching Men

In my observation of churches of all styles, sizes, and theological positions from all around the country, I believe there are at least 5 mistakes church leaders make when it comes to creating a culture that men can relate to. Read More

Understanding Sola Scriptura

God’s people have universally affirmed that there is only one thing that can legitimately function as the supreme standard: God’s Word. There can be no higher authority than God Himself. Read More

Watch the Annual Moore College Lecture livestream tonight

If you couldn’t get to Moore College for the first evening of this year’s Annual Moore College Lectures, you can watch it from 8:00pm via the college’s livestream. Watch Now
“Dr Paul Williamson is our speaker for this year’s Moore College Lectures on the topic of Death and the Life Heareafter. Join us to think through the big questions of death, heaven and hell, beginning with a public lecture on the evening Friday 19 August, and continuing with 5 morning lectures from Monday 22 to Friday 26 August. This is a free event with no registration required.”
Do You Lack Vision?

A vision is a picture of where you want to be. It’s the ultimate goal statement. Churches, corporations, and organizations all have vision statements that communicate their mission and their values. Even individuals and families can have vision statements that illustrate their commitment, purpose, and life goals. Read More

The Two Things Killing Your Ability to Focus

Executives across the world stumble through each day in much the same way. Two major challenges are destroying our ability to focus. Read More

Top 10 Things I Wish Worship Leaders Would Stop Saying

In which a crusty old curmudgeon rants a little about annoying songleader banter. Don’t take this too seriously, except maybe do. Read More
Also see: Top 10 Things I Love That Worship Leaders Do
Why Should We Stress Grace in Youth Ministry?

Many youth ministry leaders promote grace saturated youth ministry because it works. Read More

Southern Africans Set to Test Anglican Ban on Same-Sex Unions

he province is scheduled to vote on gay clergy and blessing civil unions. Read More

Gay vote highlights split within the South African church

The motion to amend the Anglican Church in Southern Africa’s canons to permit gay blessings and non-celibate gay clergy has drawn mixed reactions. Sources tell Anglican Ink that though the motion is unlikley to be approved, the debate will make public the sharp divide existing within the church. Read More

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