Thursday, August 11, 2016

US Presidential Election: Clinton: Trump out to line the pockets of the super rich - FURTHER UPDATES

New: The polls aren't skewed, Trump is losing to Clinton

The public opinion polls aren't lying: Donald Trump is losing to Hillary Clinton.

Poll after poll since the conclusion of the Democratic and Republican conventions has found Clinton with a healthy, though not insurmountable, national lead over Trump. She's also inching further ahead in battleground states. Read More
These poll figures, while alarming to Republicans who support the GOP candidate should be more alarming to Democrats as they may cause Clinton supporters to stay home on election day.
New: Economists: Clinton, Trump pledges should be greeted with skepticism

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are making big promises to revitalize the sluggish U.S. economy to a struggling working class that, according to economists, should lower its expectations. Read More

New: Hillary’s Economic Speech Slams Trump, Omits Obama

Hillary Clinton gave a detailed economic speech in a factory in Michigan where she talked up the possibilities of the future, without mentioning the current occupant of the White House. Read More

New: Full Transcript: Hillary Clinton's Economic Speech

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton highlighted her jobs and economic plan, in a speech in Warren, Michigan, on Thursday afternoon.

Below are her transcribed remarks, as released by her campaign. Read More

New: Clinton tries to undermine central premise of Trump’s campaign — that he would help struggling Americans

Hillary Clinton on Thursday sought to undermine the central premise of Republican Donald Trump’s presidential campaign — that he would bring relief to economically beleaguered Americans — by casting him as a fraud and claiming that his proposals would help “only millionaires like himself.” Read More

Trump team, RNC to meet at pivotal moment

Struggling campaign requests Orlando sit-down to fix the relationship and plot a turnaround. Read More
"Trump on Thursday night challenged reports that the RNC might shift resources down ballot, warning in an interview on Fox News 'if it is true, that’s okay too because all I have to do is stop funding the Republican Party.'

Trump argued that the RNC needs him more than the he needs the committee, asserting: 'I’m the one raising that’s funding, I’m the one that’s raising the money and other people are getting to use the money that I raised.'" Mark Caputo, Ben Schreckinger; Kenneth P. Vogel, Politico
GOP has painted itself into a corner with Donald Trump

Donald Trump has the GOP trapped in not one Catch-22, but two. Call it a Catch-44.

The first Catch-22 has been the subject of widespread conversation over the last few weeks. As GOP pollster Glen Bolger summed it up for The New York Times: “Do we run the risk of depressing our base by repudiating the guy? Or do we run the risk of being tarred and feathered by independents for not repudiating him?”

“We’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t,” he added. Read More

Trump could undo Obama's big criminal-justice reforms

Beyond a promise in his speech at last month’s Republican National Convention that “safety will be restored” in America — and a suggestion in December that he would seek the death penalty for anyone convicted of killing a police officer — the candidate has not articulated a policy agenda on issues such as the drug war, federal sentencing guidelines, community policing or clemency.

Yet Trump has made it clear what he will undo: the Obama administration’s executive actions and regulations, including those having to do with criminal justice. Read More
"Trump could also opt to slow-walk Obama’s policies — either by appointing cabinet officials who will not enforce them or by instructing his Justice Department to reprioritize which laws it will prosecute. The department could also reach weakened, out-of-court settlements in the investigations that the Obama administration has launched into local police departments." Eli Hager, The Marshall Project

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