Tuesday, August 09, 2016

US Presidential Election: Too early in the race to declare a winner

All of the Top Republicans Voting for Hillary Clinton Instead of Donald Trump

Big name Republicans are increasing ditching their party’s candidate and expressing their support of the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. Read More

New polls: Tight race in Florida; Clinton leads in Ohio, Pennsylvania

Hillary Clinton has bounced to small leads over Donald Trump in Florida and Ohio and a double-digit edge in Pennsylvania, according to Quinnipiac University polls released Tuesday. Read More

Poll: Hillary Clinton Dominates Donald Trump in Silicon Valley

With the November presidential election approaching, Silicon Valley voters are in favor of electing Hillary Clinton by a landslide, according to a new poll. Read More

Michelle Goldberg: Why some Republican women are voting for Clinton

There are a number of Republicans so horrified by Donald Trump that they're supporting Clinton, the GOP's longtime nemesis. According to Politico, more GOP defectors are set to go public this week, and the Clinton campaign will soon roll out an official Republicans for Clinton organization to mobilize them. Crucial to this mini-movement are Republican women. Read More

Donald Trump says he may renegotiate terms of fall debates

Republican nominee Donald Trump said he is planning to participate in all three planned presidential debates this fall--but that he may move to renegotiate the terms of those debates before formally accepting them. Read More

Paul Ryan’s primary becomes a proxy war between conservatives and Trump-loving populists

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) faces Paul Nehlen, an aggressive challenger with some national backing, in his congressional primary Tuesday, and polls indicate Ryan should easily win.

But the intensity of the race in recent weeks has turned what had been a sleepy contest into a proxy for the frothing national divide between traditional conservatives and Donald Trump-revering populists.

And Trump, whose relationship with Ryan has been scarred by skirmishes over temperament and fits of pique, is mostly responsible for swinging the spotlight over Wisconsin’s southeastern corner. Read More

The Case For A Negotiated Republican Surrender To Hillary

It’s time for Republican leaders to consider a negotiated endorsement of Hillary Clinton. Read More

Republicans’ love for Hillary Clinton: What members of the other party have said over the years about the woman who would be President

Now that she is the first female nominee of a major American political party, fighting a rough election, we probably won’t hear too many testimonials to her charm from partisan opponents. From now until Election Day, they will trash her mercilessly from dawn till midnight. But during less guarded moments, many prominent Republicans have spoken more candidly about the Hillary they know. Read More<

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