Tuesday, August 09, 2016

US Presidential Election: Worse election ever? - UPDATED

New: How Much Damage Could Donald Trump Really Do, After All?

Today a friend challenged me on this point: Make a list of ten really, really bad things that President Trump could actually do. A little bit of emailing around produced the following list. I’ve divided it into two groups: the “stroke-of-the-pen” things that a President could accomplish just by ordering them, and other things that would require Congressional approval or help from state governments. But let’s not forget that Trump’s election would almost certainly mean both that he had a Republican Senate and House to work with and that the Republican members of those bodies would mostly be terrified of primary challenges should they oppose the imperial will. Read More

New: Ryan looks to move past challenger in Wisconsin GOP primary

House Speaker Paul Ryan is aiming to move past a primary contest Tuesday that drew sudden national interest in recent weeks thanks to Republican nominee Donald Trump. Read More

New: House Speaker Paul Ryan Faces Primary Test After Belated Trump Endorsement

Ryan has been critical of the GOP presidential candidate. Read More

New: Ted Cruz Is Not Shaking in His Boots
Republicans are talking about support for a primary challenge to Ted Cruz when he runs for re-election in 2018. I suspect the Texas senator is not shaking in his boots. Read More

New: Following RNC speech, Cruz critics urge McCaul to mount primary challenge

A quiet Republican campaign to oust Sen. Ted Cruz in next cycle's Texas primary is unfolding as the conservative firebrand has launched an aggressive effort to keep his seat ahead of another likely run for the White House. Read More

New: Ted Cruz May Get The Last Laugh If Donald Trump Implodes

The Texas senator’s decision to not endorse the GOP nominee is looking pretty good right now. Read More

New: Republicans turn on Trump (and vice versa)

Donald Trump is facing a rising and unique group of outspoken opponents.

They're called Republicans. Read More

Paul Ryan's Big Day in Wisconsin

The U.S. House speaker faces the businessman Paul Nehlen in a contest that has shown the tension within the GOP. Read More

Trump tries to reset with economic speech — but faces new resistance in GOP

The Republican nominee shared few new policy details and continued to offer no specifics for how he would pay for tax cuts or spending increases large enough to balloon the federal budget deficit. He promised more clarity in coming weeks. Read More

Trump mixes facts, falsehoods to rip Clinton on the economy

The GOP nominee stuck to his script, calling for large tax cuts and a break with the current administration's economic policies. Read More

Donald Trump is now running Mitt Romney’s campaign plus racism

After perhaps the most damaging political week any presidential candidate has ever endured, Trump went to Detroit to deliver a hastily prepared economic speech intended to make peace with the Republican Party leadership.

As the terms of his surrender, Trump offered two key concessions: He adopted House Speaker Paul Ryan’s tax policy and the GOP’s gaffe-centered 2012 campaign strategy of misquoting or misrepresenting the Democratic candidate’s words. Read More
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Trump revises his tax plan, raises top rate

Donald Trump sought to get his stumbling campaign back on track Monday, unveiling a tax reform plan aligned with House Speaker Paul Ryan's policy agenda. Read More
Other journalists have criticized Trump's speech for its lack of details. They have pointed out that the speech was short on specifics, for example, how Trump plans to fund his proposed tax changes.
The Daily 202: Why some Republican politicians are really coming out against Trump

The most important storyline of August is how many Republicans come out against their party’s nominee. If the base fractures, Donald Trump is doomed. So far, while a string of elites and vulnerable incumbents in blue states have defected, the grassroots has mostly – if reluctantly – coalesced. Read More

Not the Candidate of Peace

When it comes to foreign policy, Donald Trump is nothing but a militarist in maverick’s clothing. Read More

Dems seek Trump referendum

Hillary Clinton is trying to frame the presidential election as a referendum on Donald Trump — a strategy that echoes efforts to sink John Kerry’s Democratic candidacy in 2004, and Mitt Romney’s GOP campaign in 2012. Read More

Trump’s Brilliant ‘No Lose Strategy!’ - Throw The GOP Under The Bus

Donald Trump is the reincarnation of P.T. Barnum and knows exactly how to exploit the “sucker that is born every minute” in “Make America Great Again’s” clothing. Read More

Pro-Trump super PAC ad misleads on Clintons' wealth, foundation cash link

Anyone watching the ad would get the sense that somehow through the Clinton Foundation, the Clintons amassed a net worth of over $100 million in about 15 years.

That’s misleading, for a few reasons.

Let’s start with the $100 million-plus in net worth. Read More

New Clinton email fight: Bill Clinton's schedules

An RNC lawsuit is trying to force release of the records, but it may not gain traction before the election. Read More

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