Tuesday, September 13, 2016

10 Lessons Jesus Teaches Us About Evangelism

Jesus was a leader in every way. With humble acts of service, profound insight and piercing love, the Savior met people where they were and led them to the glory of heaven. If we want to do effective outreach, we must let the Master mentor us. If we want to see lasting kingdom fruit, we must walk in the dust of the Rabbi and listen, watch and learn. This is how Jesus taught the first disciples and it is how he still instructs his people today.

In chapters 3 and 4 of the gospel of John, we find a perfect setting to learn from Jesus, the ultimate leader. I encourage you to read these two chapters closely. In this article I will not give specific verse references, but we will look at the whole narrative together. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you see, hear and experience the evangelistic leadership of the Master in these two accounts.

You will find Jesus encountering two radically different people. First, in John chapter 3, a wealthy, powerful, educated, influential, Jewish leader named Nicodemus. On the heels of this encounter, in John chapter 4, we see Jesus in an intimate theological conversation with an outcast, powerless, thirsty, Samaritan woman. In both accounts, if we pay close attention, we can be mentored by the Master and grow in our ability to reach out with the gospel and teach others to do the same. Read More

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